As the celestial dance of the cosmos unfolds, Saturn makes its way around the sun in a 29-year cycle, eventually coming into alignment with its position at the time of your birth. While your first Saturn Return ushers you into adulthood and more responsibility, the second Saturn Return encourages you to embrace the wisdom gained through a lifetime of experiences.

Your second Saturn Return provides an opportunity for reflection, growth, and a potential spiritual awakening. This astrological milestone acts as a cosmic guidepost, leading you toward authenticity, self-realization, and the pursuit of a fulfilling existence.

In this post, we’ll explore what you can expect during your second Saturn Return, the challenges it may present, and the transformative gifts it holds for those willing to learn the lessons it has to offer.

What is your Saturn Return?

Saturn Return is a significant astrological phenomenon that occurs when the planet Saturn completes its orbit around the sun from the moment of your birth. Your Saturn Return signifies when Saturn returns to the precise position it occupied in the sky at the time of your first breath.

Since Saturn takes approximately 29.4 years to complete its journey around the sun, this celestial event manifests two to three times within a person’s lifetime. The first Saturn Return typically takes place between the ages of 28 and 30, while the second Saturn Return occurs in your late 50s, between the ages of 56 and 60.

An additional Saturn Return may occur around the ages of 84 to 90 if you are lucky enough to live a long and fulfilling life.

These Saturn Return milestones serve as essential markers in the journey of adulthood. During these transformative periods, the energy of Saturn provokes introspection, challenges established structures, and instigates profound changes across various facets of life, encompassing career, relationships, personal identity, and spirituality.

When is your Second Saturn Return?

Your 2nd Saturn Return occurs between the ages of 56 and 60 but does not last for four years. If you’re wondering how long your Saturn Return lasts, it depends on your birth chart and can take nine months to two years to complete. A professional astrologer can pinpoint this for you. While you’ll feel the motivating effects of a Saturn Return during this period, the results of your response to this celestial event may endure a lifetime.

Understanding Your Astrology Birth Chart

Your birth chart functions as a snapshot of the sky at the exact moment of your birth. Within this chart, the planets possess distinct energies, characteristics, and gravitational influences that profoundly shape your life’s trajectory.

Comprising three fundamental layers, your astrological birth chart consists of the planets, signs, and houses.

  • Each planet embodies a unique essence and nature. Saturn, often regarded as a stern teacher, symbolizes time, karma, and limitation. While it may present challenging lessons, the hidden gift is a needed restructuring of old patterns and hard-earned wisdom.
  • The planet’s location in a sign at the time of your birth adds another dimension and set of qualities to its impact on your life.Houses, segments within the celestial sphere, hold distinct areas of interest and provide further context to the planetary characteristics.

Aspects, represented by lines connecting planets on your astrology chart, influence the dynamic interplay of their roles in your life. They can manifest as conjunctions, squares, sextiles, or trines, shaping the nature of their influence.

Understanding your birth chart can be intricate, leading many individuals to consult astrologers to gain insights into the potential planetary effects to be better prepared. However, this guidance is notably beneficial during transformative periods like your Saturn Return.

What happenes during your second Saturn Return?

What happens during your Saturn Return that makes it so intense? During the second Saturn Return, the focus of people’s lives tends to change. They may experience a spiritual awakening or move from a life in service of others, to focus more on themselves and embody their most authentic selves.

During this life stage, between 56 and 60, individuals can experience all sorts of life changes and a wide array of emotions too.

While it can be a tricky transition, many people feel a sense of freedom—free of others’ expectations, tiring people-pleasing tendencies, and proving themselves to those around them. It’s often thought of as a homecoming to your most authentic self.

How to navigate your second Saturn Return?

Those who seek help from an astrologer annually should consider seeking guidance more regularly during this critical stage of life. For those who have never consulted with an astrologer, it may be time to look at your birth chart for a deeper understanding with a professional.

If you want to fully utilize the power of the Saturn Return, receiving guidance from a qualified hypnotherapist can help you transition into a more authentic and healed version of yourself, readying you for the next phase of your life.

Hypnosis for your Saturn Return

Engaging with a skilled hypnotherapist in preparation for your second Saturn Return can help you move smoothly through this transitional period. Your second Saturn Return can be even more complex than the first, so having expert help can make the process much easier.

Chronos Project

To support you on this profound journey through your second Saturn Return, I have developed the Chronos Project—a tailored program designed specifically for individuals approaching their Saturn Return. This unique program combines the power of astrology and hypnotherapy to address specific needs, clear old issues, and provide guidance during your transformation.

Together, we will delve into your personal astrology chart, identify the prevailing energies, and embark on a series of hypnotherapy sessions to enhance self-awareness, strengthen your passions, and discover your true purpose.

If you’re curious about where Saturn resides in your chart and when you’ll experience this life-altering phase, schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Call. During this call, we will briefly analyze your astrology chart and discuss the transformative potential of the Chronos Project. This opportunity is perfect for those actively seeking a solution, believing in the power of the subconscious mind, and ready to invest in their personal growth.

Preparing for your second Saturn Return

During your second Saturn Return, the energy of Saturn prompts introspection, challenges existing structures, and brings about transformative changes across various aspects of life. It is a time to reassess your path, redefine your purpose, and make conscious choices that align with your authentic self.

To prepare for this significant cosmic milestone, take time to explore your birth chart, understanding the intricate meanings of planets, signs, houses, and aspects. If you want to pave the way for a more profound and empowering Saturn Return experience, book a free Discovery Call with me to find out how I can support you on your journey.

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