Life is full of transformative milestones that shape our experiences and guide us on our life journeys. Among these significant cosmic events, one stands out for its profound impact on personal growth and self-discovery: the Saturn Return.


For many, the period of their Saturn Return can be very intense, as transformations generally are, but being prepared can make the process notably smoother. But what does a Saturn Return mean, and what should you expect?


Understanding and preparing for your Saturn Return provide valuable insights and guidance during this pivotal time. In this post, I’ll explain what happens during the Saturn Return and how to prepare for Saturn Return.


What is a Saturn Return?


The Saturn Return occurs when Saturn completes a full orbit around the sun, which takes approximately 29.4 years. Your Saturn Return refers to when Saturn returns to the degree and sign it was in the sky at the time of your birth.


From birth to death, the planet works in seven-year cycles, bringing about moments, experiences, or rites of passage that take you out of childhood and into the next stage of development. These seven-year cycles correspond to Saturn reaching 90, 180, and 270 degrees around the orbit from its original position at your birth. Saturn ‘hits’ can be felt around the ages of seven, 14, and 21 and continue throughout life when subtle or slight changes in energy and life stage bring about a new degree of responsibility.


While these initial Saturnian energies may be subtle, the first significant jolt of Saturn energy comes between the ages of 28 to 30 when it finally completes an entire lap around the sun to return to where it was at the time of your birth. Saturn’s energy is felt in full force during this cosmic event, and with it comes significant life changes.


Saturn completes a full revolution two or three times in a person’s lifetime. Following the first return at 28 to 30, the second Saturn Return ages arrive as we approach 60, marking consequential milestones in adulthood, and finally, a third Saturn Return between ages 87 to 90.


During this cosmic phenomenon, Saturn’s energy prompts introspection, challenges existing structures, and brings about transformative changes in various aspects of life, including career, relationships, and personal identity.


Understanding Your Astrology Birth Chart


Your birth chart, often called the natal chart, is a snapshot of the sky when you were born. The planets each have specific energy, characteristics, and gravitational pull that impact your life.


Your astrological birth chart has three primary components: the planets, the signs, and the houses.
  • First, the planets each have their character or nature. For example, where Mercury is concerned with communication, the intellect, and mental activity, Venus correlates to love, beauty, the arts, and values. Each planet has a unique signature and, depending on its location in your birth chart, will impact or influence that area of your life. Saturn is the planet of time, karma, and restrictions. Its energy resembles a strict parent or teacher figure. While it may present difficult lessons, the gift of growth and maturation awaits you if you apply yourself.
  • Next, the planet’s location by sign at the time of your birth provides an extra layer of interpretation to that planet’s effect on your life. For instance, if Saturn is in a feisty sign like Aries, you may feel tendencies of aggression, internal conflict, frustration, or a need to exert careful control over your life. Saturn in Capricorn reveals a more strict, stern, or serious approach to life, where responsibilities, hard work, and ‘getting one’s act together’ tend to be more natural. Whichever sign Saturn is in natally can indicate the flavor or influence that Saturn will have in your life.
  • The houses are divisions in the birth chart, beginning at the first house and ending at the twelfth house. The houses are calculated based on the time of birth. Each house signifies a different area of life, including identity, money, partnership, family, social standing, and more. The part of your life most affected by Saturnian transformations depends on the placement of Saturn by house location.


Tying it together, for example, if you have:
  • Saturn in Taurus in the second house, you are likely conservative with your money and meticulous in organizing your accounts.
  • Saturn in Libra in the seventh house, you prefer long-term, harmonious relationships and expect high ethical standards.
  • Saturn in Scorpio in the tenth house could influence you to take on considerable responsibility in a corporate or political position.


It’s important to note that in astrology, aspects add another layer of interpretation to the birth chart, indicating your personality and character. Aspects are patterns or configurations between the heavenly bodies and significant points that deepen the meaning and understanding of your cosmic makeup. The most common aspects are conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions.


To the aspects that are in place in your natal chart, we add further connections formed by the continual movement of the planets in the sky. This interplay produces texture, drama, and dimension to your character and experiences throughout your life.


Understanding a birth chart proves complex for the novice, leading many people to visit a professional astrologer regularly. An annual reading prepares and guides clients in navigating planetary influences. Such guidance is particularly supportive as you approach your Saturn Return.


Why Is the Saturn Return So Intense?


Saturn is associated with time, karma, boundaries, responsibility, and restrictions. It has an energy that helps you mature or grow up, but this maturation often comes with a few ‘growing pains.’


As Saturn approaches the critical angles described above, we experience discontent, disappointment, unease, and an urge to correct our course. The intensity of this discomfort directly correlates with the degree we are out of alignment with our purpose, passions, and values. When our paths are not clear, we can feel disoriented and stuck. If left unaddressed, this can lead to depression, anger, listlessness, defeat, and self-sabotage.


My clients have experienced relationships ending, changing their career trajectory, starting a family, moving internationally, discovering spirituality or deepening spiritual practice, dealing with loss and grieving, becoming serious with finances, or similar. These life changes can come with an onslaught of emotions that are difficult to process.


Because the challenges a Saturn Return presents can seem daunting, embracing this celestial milestone can lead to tremendous personal growth and self-realization. You may be wondering what happens during a Saturn Return, but the truth is, it’s different for every person and highly depends on how well-prepared you are for this event.


Moving through this aspect may be relatively easy if you regularly attend to your growth and responsibilities. Similarly, if you have a prominent Saturn in your natal chart, you may already be familiar with its energy. In this case, the Saturn Return may be more manageable and can be used as a time of self-reflection and structuring the future.


The challenges of your Saturn Return carry an opportunity for growth and transformation when leveraging the energy in your favor. When appropriately used, the discomfort will inspire creative visions for restructuring the patterns of your life and will motivate action to accomplish your desired goals.


How to Navigate the Saturn Return


Trepidation and anxiety are common as people approach their Saturn Returns, so seeking qualified counsel during this uncertain period of your life is a productive idea. Consulting with an astrologer more frequently during this time could be a tremendous help to you, and diving into hypnosis provides even more benefits if you want to harness the full power of Saturn’s transformative abilities.


Hypnosis for Saturn’s Return


Working with a qualified hypnotherapist to prepare for your Saturn Return helps you identify root causes, explore your soul’s purpose, receive support as you change and grow, and structure a course for your desired future. You’ll reprogram unwanted and sabotaging subconscious beliefs and patterns using the power of hypnosis and past life regression combined with astrological insights and the energy offered by the Saturn aspect.


Chronos Project

To support you on this profound journey, I’ve developed the Chronos Project—a specifically-tailored program for individuals approaching their first or second Saturn Return or mid-life crisis. This unique program combines the power of astrology, hypnotherapy, NLP, and past life regression to address individual needs and provide support and guidance throughout your transformation.


Together, we will delve into your natal and transit astrology charts, identify the prevailing energies, and embark on a series of 12 hypnotherapy sessions to enhance self-awareness, discover purpose, and create a solid platform for you to launch your next 30 years.


If you’re curious about where Saturn resides in your chart and when you’ll experience this life-altering phase, schedule a free 30-minute Chronos Discovery Call with me. During this call, we will briefly analyze your astrology chart and discuss the transformative potential of the Chronos Project. This opportunity is perfect for those actively seeking a solution, believing in the power of the subconscious mind, and ready to invest in their personal growth.


Preparing for Your Saturn Return

Throughout your Saturn Return, it’s crucial to remember that challenges and changes are a natural part of the journey. Embrace the discomfort, and know it signifies you’ve outgrown old patterns and are being motivated to make needed changes.


Surrendering to the energy of this cosmic event eases distress and moves you to greater self-awareness and joy. Garnering support from trusted mentors provides perspective, guidance, and swifter movement throughout this pivotal celestial event.


Let’s get on a call to see how you can make the most of your Saturn Return (or midlife crises) and move through it with ease and grace. Book your Chronos Discovery Call now.
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