Tarot and Astrology Readings


With my background in psychology and extensive experience in the healing arts and shamanic-style studies and practice, I draw from a deep well of wisdom and give clear and meaningful readings.

My ideal clients are soulful seekers who are ready to receive clarity and fresh perspectives so they can take steps to manage and improve their lives and wellbeing.

Mary Lee LaBay Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression

Astrology Readings


A person’s natal astrology chart provides a cornucopia of information about the past, present, and future and a roadmap of personality traits.

Prior to our session, I’ll use a computer program to access your natal astrological information. Examining the natal chart alone and combined with the current planetary transits gives a broad spectrum of insights and preparation for challenges and opportunities.

Although there are no claims to absolute, unfailing accuracy, reading a person’s astrological reveals the following characteristics:

  • Basic personality
  • Communication styles
  • Learning and thought processing
  • Approach to values, finances, money, and spending
  • Favored subjects of interest
  • How you approach conflict
  • Career choice and direction
  • Relationships with mother and father
  • Romantic relationship preferences
  • Emotional makeup and reactions
  • Compatibility with others
  • Spirituality leanings
  • Current stresses and concerns
  • Opportunities for growth and forward movement in life
  • Karmic lessons stemming from past lives

Astrology readings are combined with Tarot Card readings for more in-depth insights and answers.

Mary Lee LaBay Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression

Tarot Readings


A fascinating tool, the traditional Tarot deck consists of 78 cards with drawings depicting various circumstances, characters, numbers, and symbols. Tarot cards may be one of the most versatile, portable, and illuminating tools available for gaining perspective, wisdom, and insight into the past, the present, and the future.

Questions can be asked about relationships, finances, career choices, health, dream interpretations, communication from guides—any topic at all. Depending on how the question is framed, you can learn almost anything about a situation: hidden and unexpected details, feaers and expectations, confirmation of known facts, the motivation of the people involved, past life influences and events, alternative and creative perspectives, guidance, outcomes of choices, the path ahead, and so much more.

Further, when the future appears less than desirable, the cards indicate alternative action steps you can take to change the outcome.

Mary Lee LaBay Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression


I’ve enjoyed a long and sustained pursuit of spirituality since early childhood. Then, beginning in 1967, I had the opportunity to develop skills in astrology and tarot. Over the years, I continued with Celtic shaman-style studies, altered state therapies, and past life regression. I carefully aligned with my purpose by evolving my career to offer various methods for achieving greater self-awareness and spiritual connection.

Now, well past my Second Saturn Return, I’ve entered into the Elder phase of life, where the magic deepens and the wisdom is rich, though hard-earned.

Along the way, I’ve been honored to be a Personal and Spiritual Coach and Hypnotherapist, author of six books, and Instructor of Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Astrology, and Tarot.

It gives me great pleasure to open the doors of perception using the patterns of the stars and cards.




When you’re ready to see what’s in the stars and cards for you,

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“I have been a client of Mary Lee LaBay for over 20 years.

She is an amazingly gifted clairvoyant and Tarot reader. I’ve utilized many of her insights to help guide real life decisions. Her predictions and insights are always accurate… truly mind blowing.

She is so helpful, insightful and kind and I always feel more grounded and confident with my path after our sessions. I feel genuinely lucky to have her as a support in my life.

I truly believe everyone can benefit from a reading with Mary Lee. We can all use guidance to enrich our personal growth. Go into it with an open mind, and have some personal questions ready to make the most of your time. I trust her and would not hesitate to recommend her.

I love working with her and can’t wait until our next meeting!

Thank you for the work you do Mary Lee, it’s so appreciated!”

- Bev Chauvet