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Edie Tarzian, Brenna Leonard, Tina Worthey, Calluna LaPlante, Rachel Pruitt, Michelle White

The Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression course has been essential for my healing toolbox. Mary Lee’s program is well thought out to bring a person with no experience to a level where they can be competent as a hypnotherapist. After the course, she offers a mentorship series where you can ask her questions directly and deepen your practice. I’ve taken many courses where, after getting the certificate, I would never hear from the organization again. I am grateful to have learned from an experienced practitioner who has innovated how hypnotherapy is performed.

H. Chan, C.Ht

I enrolled in this course so I could learn new techniques to help my clients have impactful transformations in their issues. I came away with a ton of techniques to use. The course was well organized, progressing from beginner to advanced. The content I found most valuable on the calls was when you explained the techniques and answered questions about how and when to use them. This course will help brand new practitioners get started or will help existing coaches/practitioners add to their “toolkit” to help their existing clients.

Heather Rider, Coach

After taking a different course that I felt was incomplete, I did a lot of research and decided Mary Lee’s Integrative Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression online course was what I was looking for. She did not disappoint. Her course covers everything to make me feel confidant and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed Mary Lee’s teaching methods. This is a well-rounded course with more than enough tools to help you have a successful career in both Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression.

Debbie Mohninger, Certified Coach

Mary Lee’s Integrative Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression online course was enjoyable and she empowered me with the skills and knowledge to go out and help others. Mary Lee is a wonderful instructor and truly cares about her students’ success.  I am so grateful that I took this class and look forward to seeing where this takes me.

Eleanor Gona, Social Worker

I have participated in countless programs, workshops, and training, as well as earned a couple of degrees. This is absolutely the most well-put-together program I have experienced. The meat of what you need to know has been consolidated and taught in a way that’s easy to learn. I didn’t feel like I was learning a lot of unnecessary information. The way the program is set up you can easily learn the techniques and start practicing right away. Mary Lee is definitely an authority in doing this work. It’s definitely worth the price I paid. I feel very fortunate to have learned these skills from the best.

Yolanda Heppard, Sociologist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Past Life Regressionist

I completed my original training with another instructor. We were only trained to write and use scripts while working with our clients. I came to Mary Lee’s training because there were a lot more techniques included and she combined hypnosis with more spiritual applications. When I realized that we were not going to use scripts, I was really nervous. But in my first practice session, I experienced how liberating that is.  Mary Lee’s approach to not using scripts opened up an amazing creative door for me.   I saw how much deeper I could go with my client following this new style.   Thank you,  Mary Lee, for your wisdom in helping me to be a deeper and more creative hypnotherapist.

Denise Lynn, Certified Hypnotherapist

Mary Lee LaBay is the foremost authority on clinical hypnotherapy. Throughout the training, it was evident I was getting the best instruction available. Her methods work in traditional settings as well as Transpersonal Psychology and other emergent fields. Her course is comprehensive, well-organized and a joy to learn.

Deni Luna, M.A., Coach

I really enjoyed reading the detailed course material, but especially enjoyed meeting with Mary Lee online to discuss the materials and watch hypnosis sessions. Mary Lee is a wealth of information and compassion.

Shannon A., Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Specialist, Canada

I loved everything about the Live Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression training! But the fact that it was live and in-person was my favorite because I was able to watch Mary Lee in her zone of expertise, then go and practice the technique with others in the class and debrief about it afterward.  This will add something unique to my coaching tool bag, so my clients will get the deep transformation they are looking for. My experience of attending this training was magical. Mary Lee created the perfect learning environment where we all felt welcomed, and safe, and okay to make mistakes as we learned. We laughed together, we cried together, we went into trance and we learned so much more than Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression. Mary Lee is an expert and master at her craft, and to have her as my teacher is an honor not only to learn invaluable techniques in this class, but I was able to do some of my own healing as well. I’m beyond excited and proud I have these new skills and to be able to serve my clients in such an important and life-changing way.

Shana Stanley, Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist
shanastanley.com  |  @theshanastanley (Instagram)

I signed up for Mary Lee LaBay’s online Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression course after undergoing previous training, as I felt I needed more of a foundation in hypnosis principles.  This class is packed with techniques, insights, and depth. The online structure is really easy to use and contains so much material—she also provides several PDF books with the course. As a student, you have access to Mary Lee via phone conferences or emails, and she is very responsive.  I am still reviewing and revisiting the material. This class is the real deal—and once you’ve done your practice sessions, you can confidently know that you will be able to offer this work to clients. The resources and tools she provides will also help you with a good business foundation. I recommend her free guided past life regression session by signing up on her website. She has an amazing, soothing regression voice and this short session really worked for me!

Jill Hewins, MA, CHt., Certified PLR Specialist

Mary Lee’s course is fantastic! So easy to navigate and so thorough. The audios really helped as well as the videos. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to do this online at my own pace. Thank you!

Mandy Arwén, CHt., Certified PLR Specialist

Starting a new career in my 50’s is daunting. Taking Mary Lee LaBay’s training helped alleviate so many of my fears, allowing me to move forward with more confidence and enthusiasm for the future.   I started with no expectations, thinking that I’d come away with a few tools to add to my toolbox. I wasn’t expecting a whole new packed toolbox and a career to boot. Her course was filled with tried and true techniques and strategies, along with her own discoveries on how to traverse through the subconscious. Mary Lee’s calm, confident teaching style enables her students to relax and immerse themselves in this fascinating course.    If you have been looking for a new path or just further insight into your own psyche, look no further. You’ve reached your destiny.

Dana Becker, LMT, Certified Hypnotherapist

I can’t begin to express the gratitude I have for the time and energy that was put into making this course. There is more than enough information provided to literally start your own practice once you’re finished reading all the material. I really like the fact that we met once a week to go over the material and make sure everyone was on the same page. Overall I give it a 10/10 and I would recommend this course to anyone interested in learning more about hypnotherapy & past live regressions.

Jah, CHt.

Your training is at the root of my work. Your courses gave me the structure to work with people’s inner world. The experience supported my path to developing the naturopathic healing work that I do now.

Moon J. Ho, Naturopathic Doctor

I am so excited to be able to study with such a knowledgeable teacher for hypnotherapy and past life work. Mary Lee is very accessible; I felt supported and always received feedback quickly when I had a question while taking the online courses.  The way the courses are created makes navigation easy and the lesson plan flowed seamlessly to keep me on track. The material is interesting and enlightening.  I will take more courses from you in the future. It is imperative to my practice and reputation to train with the best!

Thanks for everything,

Robin Graves, Certified Hypnotherapist

I would definitely recommend this course to others. Mary Lee’s knowledge is extensive and so interesting, and her compassion is heart felt and supportive. I am so excited to continue exploring hypnotherapy!

Shannon Abell

I most liked the opportunity to use therapeutic methods during the past life session. This course was everything I expected and more.

Andy Warfield, Certified Hypnotherapist

Amazing! I want to be just like Mary Lee when I grow up. She is professional, knowledgeable, wise, and talented!

Robin Popovich, Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Specialist

The training is thorough, precise, and clear. It offered great perspectives, new ways to think of things, pushes for inner truth and realizations for the purpose of transformation and personal growth.

Suzanne Jones, Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Specialist

Mary Lee LaBay is a very special and gifted healer, mentor and coach! I am fortunate to have gone through her Hypnotherapy/Past Life Regression Course and successfully practicing on my own since 2017 due to her well put together course structure. Thank you Mary Lee for sharing your gifts and spreading all kinds of healings and knowledge. The world is a better place for you!

Kimy Gutensohn

Taking this course helped me to better understand the connection between past lives and my current life, the Great Life Plan and how to access the past; not just to see it, but to pick up where I left off and continue my mission to soul evolution.

Felecia Lowe, Heyoka Goddess

Mary Lee LaBay Testimonial

Working with Mary Lee in her Hypnotherapy and Past Life Certification class was a delight! She shares her vast knowledge and experience with great compassion, as she leads her students easily into becoming masters at helping others heal through hypnotherapy. I learned techniques that fit into my energy medicine practice easily and expanded the modalities I offer clients. It was an excellent investment!

Mary Lee McRoberts, Energy Medicine Practitioner

I came to the class seeking tools and a career path in areas that resonate with me personally and would allow for natural healing evolving the mind/body/spirit coaction. Having taken the course I feel I am able to immediately create a stream of revenue that is aligned with my mystical career ambitions, due to the confidence I gained based on having a great teacher and a well-thought-out and organized course. I would recommend this course because of the knowledgeable and well-respected teacher and the extensive practice and excellent pace of the course.

Kari Darnell, Certified Hypnotherapist

I enjoyed the instruction from Mary Lee and hearing about her life philosophy, which is fresh and interested information for my mind and psyche to chew on! I chose this training because I wanted additional skills for resolving issues during past life regressions. Now I can confidently practice my first love, past life regression! This course was intense, eye-opening, and rewarding. I highly recommend this course because her techniques really work when used properly.

Catalina Danila, Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Specialist

I would like to congratulate you on a job well done. I feel as though I received a wonderful education in hypnotherapy (Mary Lee LaBay style!) Thank you for your time and expertise… I truly mean that.

Most impressively, I am now re-reading the dozen or so books I had previously purchased on hypnotherapy, and I am UNDERSTANDING the concepts being discussed. This is thanks to your patient teaching style and very generous display of knowledge. I am beginning to successfully integrate techniques and ideas into my current client session work.

Jeremy Mazak, Certified Hypnotherapist

Krista Kathleen, PCC, CHt., Public Speaking Coach www.kristakathleen.com

It is important to feel safe when you are exploring and practicing this work, and I really liked the camaraderie and safety of all the wise women in the room. I enjoyed being here, the space, the teacher, the other students, and the materials. The experiential practice with other students is a great way to learn, and the Scripts book given in class is an awesome guide to use during practice. The vast amount of knowledge Mary Lee has amassed will not be found elsewhere.

Stephanie White, Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Specialist

Having studied hypnotherapy with Mary Lee, I have expanded my skills and feel more connected to my healing craft in this world. I feel I can make an actual difference in the lives of people I work with. This training was amazing. So worthwhile, and I loved getting exposure to Mary Lee and my classmates.

Francesca Licciardi, MA, LMHC, Psychologist, Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Specialist

Mary Lee is a great instructor! I appreciated her teaching style and interaction because new information is easier to retain when you are engaged during the learning process. She made it comprehensible, and the application process thoroughly successful. I feel confident as a hypnotherapist after completing this training.

Carley McLaughlin, Certified Hypnotherapist

I trained with Mary Lee in order to become a hypnotherapist. I had the (voluntary!) chance to be a “demo” in front of the class to work out an interpersonal issue I was having in my life at the time. It seems like it would be quite scary to be in hypnosis in front of a big group, but actually, Mary Lee creates a very safe space. I was able to clear some very old patterns and find some significant inner resources that shifted my experience in daily life without me having to do anything else! My energy changed, and the situation changed appropriately. I witnessed others in the class having similarly transformative experiences. I have also seen my practice clients experience tremendous release and revelation simply from my following the protocols Mary Lee is teaching. I highly recommend working with her!

Jeanell Innerarity, LMP,  Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Specialist

Thank you again for such an incredible experience. You are an amazing teacher and mentor and I walked away from the class with invaluable tools that will forever impact me in this field of work. I am committed and really passionate about what I can do with my hypnotherapy training.

Mariah Vlach, Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Specialist

I feel honored to have studied with you. I am overcome with joy and excitement when I think of the work and transformation that I can facilitate using this powerful work. The group was so connected and the space was sacred. Thank you for all of your gifts and knowledge. I am overflowing with gratitude and love for this healing art.

Marissa Castello, Naturopath, Hypnotherapy: Awareness & Integration

I left yesterday feeling as if my life had been enriched by all the information the classes provided, but even more so because of the great group of individuals that came together in this class. Thank you Mary Lee for sharing your knowledge with us, and thanks to everyone who so openly let us share in their experiences. It would be wonderful to cross paths again!

Lyn Whitsell, Hypnotherapy: Professional Training Intensive

What I liked most about the training was getting in touch with my imagination again, like when I was a child. I was feeling a little stagnant in my creativity in working with my acupuncture patients, and now I am able to think about ways I can weave this into my practice for greater healing results.

Andrea Beckwith, Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Specialist

This hypnotherapy training is very in-depth and filled with extensive processes and techniques to support you in creating a practice. I appreciated having people to practice with which expedites learning and brings the work to life.

Conie Blake, Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Specialist

For anyone who is thinking about taking a hypnotherapy class with Mary Lee LaBay, I would say DEFINITELY take the class. I started by taking one hypnotherapy class at Bastyr University.  I was so impacted by the class that I took another one, and then another and another.  Mary Lee is a wonderful teacher, very warm and open, compassionate, and personally interested in each student.  I learned tools for self-healing, and for helping others as well.  This started out as an interest but developed into a passion.  I gained personal healing, made new friends and found a new community.  My whole life improved.  I highly recommend the hypnotherapy program to anyone who is curious about it.  I truly believe it can change your life!

Dorothy Herbst, Certified Hypnotherapist

The experience of attending this professional training was intense, exciting, and expanded my potential. I also benefitted from personal exploration in our practice sessions. I enjoyed meeting new people and being in a learning environmnent, exploring and expanding my horizons.

Starfeather Marcy, Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Specialist

If you have considered studying hypnotherapy, I would strongly encourage you to study with Mary Lee LaBay. The client-centered approach that is taught is so amazingly helpful and uniquely effective, allowing you to graduate with the confidence and tools you need to start your practice right away.

Cindi Buxton, Certified Hypnotherapist

I chose to attend Mary Lee’s professional hypnotherapy training because I wanted to expand my healing realm – I needed to grow and move into a new model for my massage practice for relieving pain, changing patterns, and healing wounds. For my personal life, Wow! I was deeply impacted by healing in myself to be a healthier more vibrant human. I recommend this course due to personal growth and healing as well as learning tools to help make this world a better place by helping and facilitating healing in others.

Nancy Colton, Certified Hypnotherapist

What I liked best about the professional past life training was that the materials were clear and concise. Additionally, I gained clarity in all aspects of hypnotherapy procedures as the concepts were simplified. I needed a boost of confidence, and now I feel I can move forward in confidence. I loved it! The course exceeded my expectations – I was so wonderfully surprised.

Shannon Logan, Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Specialist

This Past Life training was inspiring, and I gained a new perspective on the importance of exploring past lives in helping people to heal and recover. I would recommend this course because it is valuable and well done.

Jeanne Snyder, Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Specialist

Thank you so much! I am very grateful for the class. It will be an interesting journey. The attention to detail and confidence instilled in me will carry forward to helping clients.

Agyness Lyon, Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Specialist

I really liked the gentle and clear approach that was a supportive and productive learning environment. I had training elsewhere first and needed more techniques and differing perspective for my fledgling hypnotherapy practice. Attending this course created the solution, giving me a wide variety of techniques to easily use and help my clients in a gentler, more client-centered way.

Jennifer Kogut, Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Specialist

Since 2012, I have studied several techniques in hypnotherapy including three classes with Mary Lee LaBay. In these classes I soaked in so much information, in fact, everything you need to begin your own practice as a client-based hypnotherapist. The method is well organized so that both client and hypnotherapist experience a flow throughout the session, providing a clear path for a positive outcome. Mary Lee is a very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and inspirational instructor. Through her Facebook Group, you remain connected to a large community where I notice referrals happening as well as questions being answered by a community of open people willing to support each other. “Esprit de corps” I believe it is called. Highly recommend!!! Thank You, Mary Lee, for bringing this very strong group together through your dedication to the world of hypnotherapy.

Jade K. Asher LLC, CHt, Past Life Regression Specialist

BTW, I have begun to take my training in a bit of a new direction. Since I have now been focusing so much on my art for the past couple of years, I’ve been giving workshops on enhancing creativity. Best of both worlds! I use so much of what I learned from you in the meditations and exercises for the groups. So I still enjoy using hypnosis but in a very different area now. Just thought you would like to know how one of your students uses all you taught them! ? Thank you!

Jan Strock, Certified Hypnotherapist

I consider myself blessed that I found a program that was such an amazing fit with my values and integrity, which was led by Mary Lee. Her course outline and methods focus on a “client-centered approach” holding the client as the expert in their lives. It makes perfect sense, but in an industry still dominated by old school hypnotism, this is a fresh, innovative, and critical philosophy needed to shine the light on this powerful modality for healing.

Mary Lee’s direct and consistent delivery in her principles and techniques only further lends to her credibility as a master teacher. She has also established an amazing community to keep students supported throughout their budding career and I still connect with her and my fellow students regularly for support.

Look no further for your training. If you want the best and believe your client is the expert in their own life, there’s no other program like hers!

Christa King, Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Specialist

I just received the training materials, and I am very impressed with its depth and clarity. Your material is beautifully written and is something I have been looking for all my life. I am looking forward to your the live portion of the training.

Jonn Ireland, Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Specialist

Thank you so much for the always amazing and wonderfully interesting classes you teach. You are such a great teacher and your wisdom is so immense I could sit with you until the end of time and still not get enough. I’m so grateful you are a part if my life. Thank you for all the joy you bring to the world.

Jann Finley, MSW, Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Specialist

Whether you are looking at this course for personal or professional reasons Mary Lee will give you a life-changing experience and perspective.

Practicing medicine for decades I can see the pattern where our mind can be the place you need to start to heal before working on a physical body.  By taking Mary Lee’s hypnotherapy and past life regression course at Bastyr University, I learned how to guide my patients to a place where they can find a resolution.  This took my practice to a level I did not expect. My patients started to recover and heal from chronic emotional or physical pain faster and with lasting results.

Personally, I have seen a new part of me that I’m thankful for and will have an impact on my daily life.

I highly recommend the course with Mary lee to grow your practice and discover yourself.

Dr.Tatyana Johnson, Licensed Acupuncturist, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Practitioner.

This class exceeded all of my expectations. As a student of Mary Lee’s, I knew that she would deliver a content-rich program that would be useful in my coaching work with clients. What I came away with was a deep level of understanding of spiritual and metaphysical principles, and powerful techniques that gave me direct access to my spirit guides. I received greater clarity through one session of experiencing this work than I have been able to do on my own over the last 20 years of spiritual journeying. This program has accelerated my personal evolution and has greatly enhanced my ability to be a masterful coach for my clients. Thank you so much, Mary Lee, for sharing your expertise and wisdom through the work that you do.

Shelley Van SkyHawk, Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Specialist

The Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression Class provided a profound tool for serious professionals as well as for those seeking personal discovery.  I feel deeply empowered by the skills I gained in the PLR Class and am confident that my greater understanding of hypnotherapy gained through this class adds a level of accomplishment to the work with my clients that is irreplaceable.

Jane Todd, Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Specialist

Mary Lee has been an amazing teacher, mentor, and example to me since taking her program at Bastyr University. Although I had already taken hypnotherapy training, it was her program that gave me the tools and the confidence that I needed to go out in the world and make it happen. I now have a growing hypnotherapy practice in Seattle and I am so grateful to Mary Lee for all of her guidance. She is very supportive and accessible, even after you graduate from her program. Her classes are interesting, informative, and super fun! I would highly recommend her program to anyone who is interested in starting a career as a hypnotherapist or anyone who is curious about the healing arts and wants to learn something new.”

Laura Richer, Radio Personality, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Transformational Life Coach

Hi Mary Lee, I just wanted to thank you again for the class this week.  You are a wonderful teacher, healer, storyteller, expert, hypnotherapist, and superwoman!  I just wanted you to know that I greatly appreciated your expertise and delightful personality.

Annette Kiper, Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Specialist

I met Mary Lee last year when I was referred to her for soul retrieval work. She is so gracious and loving and professional all rolled into one. Every session I’ve had with her has been POWERFUL. When I heard she was offering this course, it was before she had put it all online. It used to be over a period of eight consecutive full days, which would have been challenging for my schedule, but she modified the course for everyone’s safety and convenience after the Pandemic. There were seven other very nice people in our group, and we all practiced on each other and got helpful feedback. Deepening my understanding of how my subconscious mind works has been a priceless gift to my soul’s journey. Thank you, Mary Lee!

Jennifer Schweickert, C.Ht.


Exceeded Expectations

My session yesterday exceeded expectations and my expectations were high. You are an amazing woman! I feel like we covered a truly huge amount of territory. What I appreciated most was your flexibility. While I was definitely in a cooperative and trusting state, there was a little part of me that was just watching your process and increasingly being impressed as the session went on. You picked up on every important cue, some that I didn’t even realize were there, and you had an appropriate technique to apply. Often you led me in an unexpected but spot-on direction I had not really thought of or considered. I loved every minute of it even when it put me up against a block or wall. My feeling today about yesterday was that I was in the hands of a heart-centered professional doing her best work for someone she truly does wish the best. “Thank you” seems so pitifully inadequate. I am so privileged that you exist in my life.

Don Blaskowsky (with permission)

Mary Lee Bay is amazing. I had 10 treatments 7 years ago when my mother passed away and i was going thru a lot of anxiety, pain and fears. Her treatments made a huge difference, I had gone thru meditation, psychologist, NLP and Mary’s help was the best of all. Now after 7 years later I needed her help again and did another 10 treatments and as expected it was amazing. I’m feeling so much better. I recommend Mary Lee Bay 100% for anything you need help with. In my case it was anxiety, pain and fears.

Pamela Chiriboga

Dealing with hoarding and standing up for self

I am totally exhausted but have stood up for myself and been strong with my sibs.  I have also been able to prioritize the items I ‘need and want’ and not just take things for myself unless I can use them.  My family has been amazed at how quickly I have been able to sort through (my mom’s) stuff.  It is good practice for when I do it at my home.  I do not want my kids to do this. We have gotten through much, but there is still so much to do. Thanks for the nice words of encouragement!  And I know I would not have been as strong and accomplished in this without our sessions!

Working on relationships

I want to thank you for the very interesting session today. I really enjoyed it. You are so nice, and I felt very comfortable with you. You sure found out about me!!! It all makes sense. I realize what I’ve been doing with my friend is the right path for me, and I shall continue my own growth and not go back. The future will be interesting, that’s for sure…again, many thanks.

Life Transformation

Mary Lee works miracles! I’ve had about 7 sessions with Mary Lee and she is absolutely amazing. When I first came to her, my life was chaotic and messy. I was so fearful of everything it was hard for me to even interact with the grocery clerk.

I have had a lot of turmoil and difficulties throughout my life. With all the challenging life situations, I felt like I was losing grip and willpower to even try. It was hard for me to believe in myself or feel that I can change my life for the better. Luckily, during those times, I met Mary Lee by enrolling in one of her classes. It was as if the universe brought me to her knowing that if there’s anyone who can help me, it would be Mary Lee. She helped me get unstuck and energized just in the first hypnotherapy session. She will help you much more in one session than years of traditional behavioral/cognitive counseling through your health plan.

Mary Lee is kind, compassionate, brilliant, and wise. I highly recommend her to anyone who has been struggling in their life for way too long. She helped me see the possibilities in me, and the changes have been real and lasting. I am truly grateful for Mary Lee!

Diep Tran, Yorba Linda, CA (Name used with permission)

Disturbed Sleep

I am so thankful for the Immediate improvement with a very rare sleep-breathing problem I have suffered with for many years. I was waking up many times on a given night with shortness of breath and anxiety. Western medicine could not find a solution for me.

Mary Lee helped me to find the root of this problem through hypnosis and gave me incredible resources on how to manage it daily.  I can sleep now without any problems and wake up full of energy. Thank you for the great treatment sessions. I highly recommended you to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life!!


Personal Transformation

I already knew Mary Lee as a wonderful teacher when I decided to use her professional help. I would highly recommend Mary Lee to anyone who is serious about their personal transformation. She brings into sessions her unique life experience, warm and caring personality, deep intuition, and spirituality. She is very accepting and knows how to hold space for you to allow personal healing. She is your gentle and knowledgeable guide equally skilled in guiding you through the exploration of your memories or your past lives. This goes beyond skills. She is so intuitive, it feels like magic.


Past Life Regression

I have had four past life regression sessions with Mary Lee LaBay and each one was miraculous and life-changing.  Mary Lee is the very best hypnotherapist in the Northwest.  If you have an opportunity to work with her, your life will change forever for the better.  She is a talented and gifted healer.  Because of my sessions with Mary Lee, I am happier and much more successful in life.  If you have the chance to work with her … DO IT!  You will be glad that you did.  She is AMAZING!



Your work is clearly doing something as my son had a complete turnaround and has spent the last week doing work on the very things that I brought up to him.  He has come to an awareness of many of these issues on his own, without my intervention, and has already begun addressing some of them in a very positive and encouraging manner.  I believe that this time he will be able to get some answers and clarity on his challenges as well as make some positive changes in his life.   In the last few days, we have had some amazing conversations with him that have given us all hope.

(From a mother writing to me about her adult child who had been incoherently drunk for days until she reached out to me.)

Surviving Cancer

Throughout my career, I have taken various courses from Mary Lee to further my coaching skills and spiritual education. After experiencing a relatively carefree and healthy life, I was diagnosed with cancer. I didn’t know how to cope with what I was facing.

Having known her as an outstanding educator, I now reached out to Mary Lee as a life-line to help me undergo treatment and recovery to become a cancer survivor. We worked together on an ongoing basis during and beyond my treatment protocol.

She was able to help me reach a greater self-awareness, reducing the dysfunction I felt trapped within, thus promoting healing and relief from extreme anxiety and fear. Her commitment and dedication to her craft is exceptional. She was extremely competent and considerate while guiding me to discover my life path during a tenuous time in my life.

I can recommend Mary Lee unequivocally to anyone seeking greater life awareness and/or spiritual growth.

Cathie Dayton (Name used with permission)

Thank you again for helping me along this journey. It’s been amazing to see the changes within myself as well as around me. The things that lay ahead now, I feel I can face head on and be ready for whatever they may bring. Again I really am grateful for getting the chance to work with you, and I’ll be mindful of reaching out in the future when it presents itself again. Thank you!!


Mary Lee’s hypnotherapy/guidance helped me in a time where my life felt very unstable. She was able to help me break many unhealthy patterns that has brought a significant change in my overall happiness, outlook, relationships, anxiety, and so many feelings of uncertainty. Highly recommended for personal transformation and spiritual growth.

Sierra M

During a time of rapid personal transformation, Mary Lee came into my life and was a wonderful and empathetic guide who masterfully helped me explore my past and future paths. She provided a refreshing and rejuvenating oasis from which to consider where to go next! Thank you Mary Lee!

Amy Correa

Mary Lee’s hypnotherapy/guidance helped me in a time where my life felt very unstable. She was able to help me break many unhealthy patterns that has brought a significant change in my overall happiness, outlook, relationships, anxiety, and so many feelings of uncertainty. Highly recommended for personal transformation and spiritual growth.

Sierra M

During a time of rapid personal transformation, Mary Lee came into my life and was a wonderful and empathetic guide who masterfully helped me explore my past and future paths. She provided a refreshing and rejuvenating oasis from which to consider where to go next! Thank you Mary Lee!

Amy Correa

I asked Mary Lee for assistance in partner relationships. We did two Zoom sessions (first, she is dependable, reliable, on time, with no drama on appointments). Mary Lee knew just what to do to follow my ramblings and bring me back to pertinent issues for a resolve. Her work turned me around 180 degrees from before the sessions. In this short of time I resolved lifelong fears (I was nearing panic attacks), had damaging inner dialogs, and harbored a skewed way of thinking on the subject. I am still amazed at what an hour with Mary Lee can accomplish. I wish I had done this many years ago and maybe I wouldn’t have been alone, frightened, unable to have a relationship for most my adult life. Hats off to my new friend who is a healer of many colors.

Cynthia Attar

I am continually amazed at the high level of skill Mary Lee LaBay has for helping me overcome the deepest of issues. This time it was a Mother issue that had plagued me all my life. In nearly every aspect of my life was this overshadowing resentment to her that stemmed back even prior to birth. In one session (also due to my familiarity with this work and non resistance to it) Mary Lee directed me to trance and asked the right questions that allowed me to uncover and work through years of inner negativity. I am much happier now. My 88 yo mother and I now get along well, resolving essential negative issues that had resulted in a lifetime of mutual grief and arguments. I can’t thank you enough, Mary Lee LaBay!

Cindy A, Port Orchard WA


Tarot Readings

I have been a client of Mary Lee LaBay for over 20 years.  She is an amazingly gifted clairvoyant. I’ve utilized many of her insights to help guide real-life decisions. Her predictions and insight are always accurate…truly mind-blowing.  She is so helpful, insightful, and kind and I always feel more grounded and confident with my path after our sessions. I feel genuinely lucky to have her as a support in my life.

I truly believe everyone can benefit from a reading with Mary Lee. We can all use guidance to enrich our personal growth. Go into it with an open mind, and have some personal questions ready to make the most of your time. I trust her and would not hesitate to recommend her.  I love working with her and can’t wait until our next meeting!

Thank you for the work you do, Mary Lee. It’s so appreciated!

Bev Chauvet


I felt like I was stuck in my business. Mary Lee helped me see through the clouds that were blocking my zest and passion for the business side of my dreams. I cannot say enough about working with Mary Lee. I have known for a long time that I wanted to work with her. She is worth every penny! I came home from our first session and immediately started implementing the things we worked on together. From my heart, thank you deeply.

Heather Jones, New View Wellness, Mt. Vernon WA

I was fortunate to listen to my clear “Yes” during her free 30-minute Discovery Call to invest in my business and even traveled 300 miles one-way to work with her in February 2017. My business had been struggling significantly for two years and in January a friend of mine and a student of Mary Lee’s contacted me suggesting I work with Mary Lee to help my business be successful.

The 8-hour day I spent with Mary Lee was very significant in the turning around of my business. My income tripled as a direct result of working with Mary Lee LaBay. I also experienced one very powerful hypnotherapy session with Mary Lee as a part of my 8-hour day with her. Five months later, I am still experiencing benefits from my one hypnotherapy session and the hours of work we did together to co-create my successful business practices. I love seeing my income keep growing and growing with ease because of the work I did with her. I can actually pinpoint the huge shift that happened directly to the Clarity Coaching I did with her.

I am so completely grateful for Mary Lee, for the prayers I prayed asking for help and the Universe that responded by providing me with Mary Lee LaBay. I love what I created because of our work together. I highly recommend working with Mary Lee LaBay!

Kevin Elbert, Hypnosis by Kevin Elbert, Eugene OR


Hypnotherapist and author Mary Lee LaBay guided thirty-plus participants at East West Bookshop in Seattle through an evening session focused on experiencing their past lives with a specific focus on relationships. She posed the question, “What would it be like to find out how and why you were involved with a person in a past life BEFORE you got involved with them in this life?

Before leading the past life regression, guided meditation, Mary Lee explained how it would work and why it works to an eager yet somewhat skeptical audience. She also suggested that we each needed to trust our imagination in order to really gain access to the process.

Then we were off in what for me was a spectacular experience. I, however, have been working with past lives for decades, so I simply need an intention and a safe space to make the leap. Others in the room had interesting experiences, which Mary Lee was happy to help them understand following the regression.

L. Steven Sieden, Cultural Trends Examiner, www.examiner.com, Past Life Regression workshop

Thank you for the wonderful seminar this past weekend! Saturday’s past life regression taught me my life purpose, and my past self explained how 5 people closest to me are in my life to help me achieve that purpose. Blew me away!

I thought it was very interesting to learn my life purpose in my third ever past life regression. I had assumed it would take a while before I could get such profound insight. Then last night I read all the notes I wrote during your workshop and noticed that, as per your instructions, I had listed my intentions for the Saturday regression, and I had also circled 2 of them — “remove energetic blocks” and “learn my life’s purpose”. I don’t remember writing that list! Comforting to know that I am already on the path to my divine purpose. Until Saturday, I thought it might be a crazy diversion but now I feel confident that it is important. Thank you for that.

LP, Exploring Past Lives workshop


Mary Lee is an excellent instructor and although this was my first experience with Tarot cards she created an amazing learning experience!   It was incredible to end the two-day course and realize that we had learned the major and minor arcana which make up the entire deck.

We were able to complete readings during the 2nd half of day two which delighted our class as we had learned so much in two days.  It was only due to Mary Lee’s ability to organize the information and give meaning to each card explained that allowed the ability to grasp everything in such a short time.

I highly recommend this class for anyone wanting to learn Tarot, expand their awareness, or continue their education with the use of these tools to get messages and guidance for their life, their loved ones, or their client’s lives.

Heather Chan, Life Coach, Spirit Reader/Medium, Wisdom of the Tarot workshop

Thank you, Mary Lee, for teaching us the Tarot class that leads me to this ancient art of wisdom.  You consolidate your decades of experience and insight into this class and summarize each card in a succinct, meaningful way that new users are easier to remember and compare.  You blended humor and fun stories into the class, also compiling a classmate’s contact information, making the class a fun experience as well as a networking opportunity.

Since then I have been practicing Tarot skills very frequently, if not on a daily basis according to your homework assignment. It is indeed very useful even though I am just starting  to learn it.  The only thing I regret is that I should have done more initial reading/studying before going to your class and so could have benefit more from your master reading of the spread.

Jenny Chen, Wisdom of the Tarot workshop



I am extremely interested in doing the Past Life Training Online Course after reading ‘Past Life Regression‘ & ‘Hypnotherapy: A Client-Centered Approach‘ with great enthusiasm. Thank you, they are wonderful!!

I am a hypnotherapist here in Tasmania, Australia, and have had terrific results using some of the skills gained from your books. I am always open to new knowledge to bring my clients the best experience that I can and am looking forward to working with ‘past lives’, as it is in line with my own spiritual beliefs.

Thank you for sharing your gifts.

Joy Dunn, Breaking Wayves Healing Clinic

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