Meet Mary Lee

Hi, I’m Mary Lee LaBay

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist  |  Past Life Regressionist  |  Spiritual Coach  |  Astrologer

I’ve helped thousands of soulful seekers discover their purpose and transform their lives over my nearly 40-year career.

I teach my signature hypnotherapy and past life methodologies so more holistic practitioners can facilitate similar breakthroughs for their clients.

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About Me


Whether I got in trouble or got recognition, it was all a learning journey. My adventures and misadventures have expanded my perceptions of the universe, deepened my understanding of human nature, and enriched my soul.

Maybe it was all a part of a bigger plan because as I developed my therapy and coaching practice, I realized that all those extraordinary life experiences paid off in my ability to hold space for other people to work through their issues and fears, dream bigger, and align themselves to their soul’s purpose with courage and determination.

My philosophy holds that each of us is created like a bright, clear prism of light, shining and radiating a rainbow of colors. With time and life experiences, we have accumulated extraneous “stuff”. Our prisms now carry fingerprints, smudges, dust, and mud.

My role is to assist motivated seekers in discovering what needs to be removed, what needs to be shaped differently, and where their soul needs to be polished up to return to its pure resourceful nature. I help people go from bound and playing small to free and empowered authenticity.

Using hypnotherapy, NLP, past life regression, and astrology, along with other healing modalities, I can help you achieve clarity, self-awareness, self-love, and a plan to move forward on your path to fulfillment.

My Story

My path of spirituality is long and diverse.

I began my life with a strong intuitive connection to the spiritual realms, but with few available resources and support, I pieced together what I could.

As a teen in the late 1960’s, I taught myself tarot and astrology, dabbled in meditation and altered-states therapies, and read what books were available. It was hard to get traction.

Deep inside, I always yearned to recall my past lives. 

In the mid-1980s, I finally experienced my first past life regression. I have continued with Celtic shaman-style training ever since.  I went on to be trained as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in 1997 and as a Certified Instructor of Hypnotherapy in 1999.

Rounding out my credentials I completed a doctorate in behavioral psychology and certifications in NLP, Reiki, Gestalt, EFT, Remote Viewing, Spiritual Counselor, and Applied Kinesiology.

About Mary Lee

It’s heart-warming to support others on their journeys with my accumulated expertise.

I’ve helped thousands of clients achieve self-awareness, improve their health, deepen their spiritual connection, and find purpose in their lives.

Over my 40 years working with clients, I’ve honed my craft and tailored specific hypnotherapy, past life, and shamanic-style techniques for wellbeing and spiritual evolution.

Teaching and mentoring others ensures that my valuable knowledge and experiences can benefit a wider audience.

For decades, I’ve shared my wisdom and stylized craft so other transformational practitioners can stay on the cutting edge and provide similar benefits for their clients.