Have you ever wondered, “What is consciousness? What determines my life path?” Pursuing these ideas can be confusing until you have a foundation of the terms and concepts. 

In this post, you’ll learn the following:

  • The difference between a life path and your soul’s purpose.
  • How consciousness plays a role in determining your life path 
  • The importance of nurturing your consciousness and existence.
  • The required steps in determining your life path.

Truth, Reality, and the Path of Human Consciousness

Your path is the direction and speed you are moving through your life. Your focus, goals, values, will, desires, and choices determine the quality and productiveness of your path. 

Everyone is on a path. You are on a path.

However, is it the proper path? Will it allow you to achieve your highest goals and purpose? Will it be the most advantageous way to experience life and achieve your soul’s purpose? 

Your purpose is the direction you are facing while you walk your path. Just like your destination is the direction you will travel when you vacation. If you are going to the beach, you face in the direction of the beach. Arriving there becomes your purpose. The streets you choose to walk to get there determine your path.

Walking a path aligned with your purpose is the active participation in truth, reality, and human consciousness. 

How Do I Know If I’m On the Right Path?

To assure that you are on the right path, you must first determine:

  • Who you are at your soul level, including an honest assessment of qualities such as your true essence and authentic capacity. Experiencing multiple past life regressions will aid and be vital in fully realizing these qualities.
  • The requirements of maintaining the two foundational qualities of being human—existence and consciousness. These will include self-awareness, self-respect, independent thinking, reason, integrity, breaking free of patterns, and choosing a variety of experiences.
  • Your capabilities within the framework of your physical body, emotional and energetic nature, environment, political and community structure, and other factors. Having courage, boundaries, determination, and strength will be helpful. We are in awe of people who achieved great purpose because of the challenges they faced and overcame. 

Then you will have clarity of what is possible for your path, what you may reasonably become, and where it may likely lead you.

Successful Living

The level of a person’s successful living is how accurately a person walks this path. There is no other true success. Money, fame, awards, etc., are temporal and meaningless if they have not contributed to the growth and substance of your soul. As with any recognition or achievement from a past life, they may have fleeting significance.

The goal of your path, and the learning involved in walking it, are not to be manipulated nor meant to be useful for other objectives––not for a career, health, relationships, knowledge, talent, money, etc. Such pursuits are distractions from the purpose of the path.

Go ahead and read that last paragraph again. Let it sink in.

Your path is not a tool for another gain. The only real gain in life is the path. Your path needs to support no other pursuit. Instead, all other goals are validated only by aligning and supporting this path.

Continually discovering more of the lost knowledge concerning your true nature is a release. It continues to shed light on the path. It forever grants you a clear and growing view of your potential and power.

When you are unclear about your soul’s purpose and feel lost on your path, you can focus on developing and nurturing the two foundational attributes of your life: Consciousness and Existence.

The Axiomatic Conditions of Consciousness and Existence 

An axiom is an indisputable fact upon which we build our view of reality or make decisions.

The human experience has, at its basis, two axiomatic conditions: consciousness and existence. Consciousness is foundational to the awareness of existence, and existence is the object of our consciousness. Without consciousness, you would not be capable of knowing that you or anything else exists. Without existence, there would be nothing at all on which to focus your consciousness.

Focusing on supporting personal consciousness and existence would create a worthy life path when a person is unsure of their exact purpose.

Human consciousness is intentional, meaning one must choose to nurture and care for it. Tend to your consciousness as you would a garden that is the sole source of nourishment. It is.

Consciousness is required to know that we exist. Existence gives us something on which our consciousness can focus. Consciousness and existence come as a pair and depend on one another. Without either one, we would be nothing—and we would not even know that we were nothing!

Existence and consciousness are the two most fundamental components of life. By “life,” I mean not just the life you are living now, but the “you” that extends over many lifetimes and between lifetimes into eternity. 

Your soul. 

Steps to Strengthing and Expanding the Soul

To keep your soul strong, growing, and thriving along this journey, you need to feed and nurture existence and consciousness. The more you feed and enrich these two fundamental components, the more rewarding your life becomes.

Existence feeds on experiences. Choosing a deeper and more varied range of experiences enriches your soul. These experiences can be positive or negative. You can bring consciousness to bear on your existence to make it increasingly more constructive and pleasant. Still, even challenging experiences increase the health of your existence through variety and the effort to correct course.

Whether you are a carpenter or a rocket scientist does not matter. The depth and breadth of experience feed existence, not your career choice. If you feel frustrated in your career, you may need variety or a change. You may be doing something that no longer teaches you anything or has become redundant. Your current profession may no longer be relevant to your path or purpose.

You feed consciousness by becoming more aware of yourself and the universe. Try exploring your motivations, learning life lessons, engaging in activities fostering self-discovery, and healing fear-based perspectives and behaviors. Practice meditation, creative visualization, and hypnotherapy that build your imaginative powers. All of this is food for consciousness.

Final Thoughts  

You are already on a path. Only you can determine whether it’s a path that leads to a destination aligned with your purpose. If you realize that you are not heading in the right direction, you can change course, just like if you learn that the street you are taking is parallel to the beach and will not allow you to arrive there. You’ll look at the map and change course.

We covered many steps you can take to gain clarity about your purpose and navigate to the most suitable path to achieve it.

In the interim, while you investigate your purpose and path, nurturing consciousness and existence will be a meaningful pursuit. It’s vital to soul health and wellbeing. 

I look forward to reading your experiences and opinions on this fascinating subject! Please share your thoughts and experiences below in the comments section.

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