If you’re on a quest to find meaning and purpose in your life, exploring your past lives will hold strong clues for you. While you can explore your past lives anywhere, there is also value in recalling them while on location. 

Finding yourself in the energy and landscape where your previous experiences occurred aids in shaking loose some of those forgotten memories. The angle of the light, the texture of the air, and of course any streets, buildings, or cultural remnants can conjure the feelings, attitudes, and activities that you experienced so long ago. We are often drawn to places of hidden memory and significance; called to revisit physical places we once called home, even if the reason is presently elusive to our conscious minds.  Rather than a casual sightseeing tour, allow your travels to spark memories from previous lifetimes that will aid you on your current quest for meaning and purpose. 

In this post, I recall a sabbatical in Ireland from a few years ago. I wanted to find clarity about my purpose with the goal of achieving the integration of deeper aspects of my soul. You’re invited to join me in a few of my significant findings.

Why I Embarked on a Sabbatical to Explore my Past Lives 

From August 29th to September 26, 2017, I engaged in an odyssey through Ireland and Scotland, gathering memories of my experiences and character. 

This trip came at a perfect time in my life because for many, many months, transiting Pluto was in a dance of conjunction with my natal Mercury. Pluto brings about brutal realizations and deep transformation, while Mercury reveals how we think and express ourselves, and also rules travel. 

When I started watching these two planets come together, I knew there would be profound changes in my perspectives and communication, and even the way that I work and teach, but didn’t realize that it would also usher in transformative travel! So the timing was perfect!

I had been to Ireland twice before in search of a deeper connection, but I knew that this time would be different. 

This time I concentrated in advance, preparing mentally, physically, and spiritually. This sabbatical was going to be all about becoming a new and improved version of myself through remembering my experiences from other lifetimes. It would not come through regression using trance methods, but simply as direct recall, like I might remember what I did yesterday. Energy work had been done to lower my walls of forgetfulness, and I was actively inviting the recognition of more parts of me.

As hard as it is, facing the truth is a richer, more rewarding journey.

As I set out for Dublin on my odyssey of self-discovery and self-awareness, I had the attitude of “Bring it on! Do your worst. Show me the good, the bad, and the ugly.” I was determined, prepared, and excited to unlock the mysteries and take a look at the contents of my personal treasure chest of memories.  

I imagine you are on your personal growth and self-awareness journey or are eager to get started.  So, I hope my story is helpful for you as you lay your own groundwork.

Resistance in Recalling Past Life Memories

After gathering with a group of fellow travelers in Dublin, we headed out to our first stop: Malahide Castle. About 8 miles north of Dublin, sitting near the banks of the Boyne River, this castle was continuously occupied by the Talbot family from the late 1100s until 1973, except for a short period when the family was displaced.

I sensed this property held many memories for me, lifetimes of memories. I wanted the memories to flood in, but there was some unconscious resistance. There can be problems with remembering too much all at once, so I imagine my subconscious mind was busy protecting me.

Relaxing into the experience, I had to ask myself: why would I want to hold back from knowing my experiences at this property? Were the memories too difficult, sad, and hurtful? Were they so lovely it would be painful to miss those days? Would I not trust the information that I might get? Soon bits and snippets filtered in.

Standing by an ancient wall, looking toward the ruins of a chapel, I could suddenly hear the long-ago clip-clop of horse hoofs behind me. I looked around. With my eyes, I only saw the present-day scene. With another visual sense, I perceived an overlaying veil of a marketplace. 

As I let the images develop, the pavement turned to a muddy cart path. I saw small wood and thatch huts along either side, with people selling their fruits, meats, and handiwork. Dogs, chickens, children scurrying around. It was a bustling environment, dependent on the needs of this castle household for their livelihood, while the occupants of the castle were dependent on the vendors for their wares. It was a symbiotic relationship that worked well for all concerned.

With that in the background, I turned back to stare at the chapel ruins… and nothing. I knew there would be a connection. If I had lived here, I would no doubt have spent a lot of time in the chapel. Sundays, holidays, ceremonies marking the beginnings and endings of life. Yet, I couldn’t quite make the connection.

I walked the winding path past lawns and gardens, to arrive at the castle entrance. Looking out at the expansive lawn in front of the castle, my mind passed through many views of changing landscapes, of how it had been at various periods in long-ago times before the trees had been cleared and pristine grass planted.

Entering the castle, I personally found it hard to listen to the guide and look at everything, while also trying to place myself in a past life. At the end of the tour we were free to wander the property, and I finally had a better opportunity to conjure up my memories.

It should be noted that resistance is quite natural for people while exploring their past lives, though it isn’t often discussed in books on past life regression. I hear from clients who think they must be doing it all wrong because their experience doesn’t match the seemingly easy flow depicted in case studies on past lives. When writing about past lives, it’s hard to demonstrate the long pauses and processing during a session. Plus, clients who have a harder time remembering are usually not the ones included as case studies for past life regression.

I retraced my steps past the chapel ruins and on to the secret garden beyond. What a treasure, yet still few memories. While I could recall certain memories of gardening, I could not be sure I had come upon specific memories of this garden. Had it changed that much? Was it developed after the lifetimes I had lived here? Another stumbling block that is possible while recalling past life memories.

Making my way toward the castle again, as I walked the path. I suddenly saw myself in a long dress and bonnet, scurrying through the marketplace trying to be unnoticed. I felt myself wrap my cloak tightly, keeping my head down and my face obscured. I just wanted to get to the castle undisturbed. I scanned myself for my emotions. Was I embarrassed? Keeping a secret? Not wanting to engage in conversation or have someone try to sell me something? Why the secrecy, the desire to be invisible? 

I realized later that I was bringing a message to someone at Malahide. I didn’t live here at that time. I didn’t want to be seen and have rampant curiosity and rumors flying around among the townspeople. The message held political intrigue and the contents couldn’t be shared, not even the fact that a message had been conveyed.

From this path, I diverted into the West garden, and the memories of another life when I was a guest. Finding a bench to relax on, I could gaze upon the castle and let my mind wander freely.

I quickly started to see and feel a present life friend of mine as the mistress of the house during one of the generations of the Talbot family. I realized she had been my sister then, one of many. I came to this house to stay during my pregnancy because my husband was in the military and was concerned for me in my condition. 

Sweet memories of staying here flooded my mind. There were engaging intellectual conversations about the latest developments in science, and discussions on politics. There was plenty of leisure time with my sisters, walking the gardens, or sitting around the fireplace talking of love, nature, spirits, and looking into the future. It was a pleasant and loving household.

I began to think about my pregnancy, moving the timeline up to the delivery. Suddenly I was drawn up high in the air, looking at my lifeless body, splayed about on the blood-soaked bed. It took me a moment to realize what I was looking at. To integrate that into my awareness. I took in the scene.

My sister who was the mistress of the house sat to my left holding my baby, and my other sister who was known for her work with herbs and healing sat near my right foot. She had delivered my baby and had tried desperately to stop the bleeding, to no avail.

I searched for my feelings. How did I feel that I was leaving this life so young, and separating from my newborn child? I searched for horror, longing, or grief, but felt only peace and wonder. I had resisted dying and leaving my baby. I gave a good fight to keep my life,  but now it was over. All was quiet inside me.

There are things, like death, that are worth resisting, and then there are parts of life that we resist, like past life memories, that would be valuable to access and integrate.

In retrospect, I realize that I only thought I was resisting the memories of my past life in Malahide Castle. In actuality, they flowed fairly easily—except at the chapel ruins. As I was leaving the castle grounds, I once again passed by that chapel. Now I understand that it would have been out of context had I seen that I was buried there before I remembered having lived there. My resistance at the beginning protected me so I could see the early part of my life and be properly prepared to see the end.

What are you resisting? Is resistance serving you in a healthy way or blocking you from moving forward? 

Whenever we feel resistance, we can look to the value of doing vs. not doing the task at hand. There is always a secondary gain, a pay-off, a benefit. Here is a process you can use when you feel resistance:

Being as thoughtful and honest as possible, ask yourself:

  1. What is the benefit of resisting this?
  2. What is the downside of resisting this?
  3. What would be the benefit if I did not resist this?
  4. What would be the downside of not resisting this?

This will likely uncover some deeper motivations that you may have for feeling resistant, blocked, or stuck.

In Flow with My Past Life Themes

Continuing my sojourn through Ireland in my quest to connect memories, I arrived in Dundalk. North of Dublin and close to the border with Northern Ireland, it is the birthplace of the Irish mythical hero Cuchulainn. 

He lived in the first century BC and was a warrior in the service of Conchobhar, King of Ulster. Tales of his heroic deeds are part of the Ulster Cycle. If you like true yet mythical hero stories or are drawn to the faerie lore of Ireland, I highly recommend you read Red Branch by Morgan Llewellyn, a well-remembered novel of that time.

In an unassuming neighborhood of town, you can pull up to an unmarked wall that leads to the remains of the fortress that is a backdrop for these mythical hero tales. Climbing wooden steps over a stone wall to enter the grounds, we wound our way up a steep spiral roadway that gave ancient residents a defensive advantage in identifying any visitors. At the top, we arrived at a grassy plateau graced with the remains of the ancient community. 

I had been here before in this lifetime, years ago, as well as in that ancient era. I wanted to observe this landmark with familiarity, and yet with fresh eyes and heart. 

Relaxing, softening my focus, I realized that I was not a full-time resident here in that long-ago lifetime. Yet I was a frequent visitor and mainstay in the community. 

I was a Druid who came here for extended visits to perform the rituals of life and death, offer advice and counsel, teach strategy and combat techniques. I was already a mature man when I assisted in the birth ceremonies of Cuchulainn and guided in his upbringing and training.

Please note that my training did not make him a mythical hero. He is that in his soul. It is his character in all lifetimes, as we are who we are in our souls. My guidance only served to bring out the best of his innate talents.

This discovery was not ego-driven, it was humbling and weighty. To accept that I served in this position, meant that I had my own legacy to live up to. You don’t just rise to a powerful status and then drop all the energy, perspective, responsibility, and connection when you die.

Unfortunately, all too many people see their lifetimes and legacy that way––disjointed, disconnected, not relevant in a continuum. And generally, their lifetimes and legacy are not remembered at all.

With those memories flooding in, I was seeing this property with a heightened sense of connection, care, and responsibility. Flooding memories of joyous events, profound rituals, and terrifying battles came over me, along with a sense of deep friendships, trust, loyalty, and concern.

I spotted a place along a low wall where I wanted to sit. I eyed up a stone from across the lawn and approached it ready to give my feet a break. As I came close, I noticed that SOPHIA was etched into that very stone. Years before during a retreat, I had identified different aspects or themes of my lives that carried the essence I named as Sophia, Mary, and Isabella. 

  • Sophia – philosopher, teacher, scientist, astrologer, wise man/woman, counselor, advisor, Druid,  Buddhist, writer, leader, strategist
  • Mary – religious, devoted, pious, disciplined, nun, abbess, bishop, mother, ruler, royalty
  • Isabella – pagan, wild, adventurer, high priestess, energetic, sexual, intuitive, outlaw, pirate.

I was taken aback to see “Sophia” written on the exact stone where I had decided to take a seat. I sat and meditated on that for a while. Then continued to stroll around the fortification. As I walked, I found the same name etched into various walls and stones 15 times.

They couldn’t have been there for me, but what was this? A coincidence? An omen? A reminder? From whom? How did this happen? How long had those etchings been there? I still don’t know, but I fully honor the flow of the universe.

I allowed this experience to draw me in, to mark its importance, to remind me to connect the dots. A trigger to connect my realization from that retreat years ago, with the present sabbatical, with ancient memories, and with memories yet to come. To step into the river of that universal flow.

How do you feel the flow? Do you step in, or ignore, resist, or refuse?

Facing the Darkness of Difficult Past Lives

Our journey continued. Members of the group were recognizing each other in their past life memories, just as I remembered two of my fellow travelers as my sisters who attended me during those final moments in childbirth. We were starting to feel so good about each other. We realized that we had been family and close friends in previous times.

We moved on to the Rock of Cashel. Originally a fortress and the traditional seat of the Kings of Munster, in the 1100s, it was donated to the church and was where many Pagans converted to Catholicism.

I had been riding high from my memories of familial love with my travel partners, and good vibes from memories of lifetimes as a Chief Druid. The visions and recollections came spontaneously and vividly. However, as I scanned my memories for my involvement at Cashel, I encountered my first block. I couldn’t quite get the visions. It all fell flat. Frustrated, I knew I had to dig deeper. Open up. Be willing to accept what comes.

I realized, then, that I had been a bishop at this cathedral. Several of my companions were also here, working with me at that time. We were on a mission to enlighten the townsfolk in the beliefs of our religion. There were dire consequences if they didn’t convert. We were part of the Inquisition and I was, what I now consider, on the wrong side.

Some of the heathens we tortured and killed in the name of God were now traveling here with us. They had been our family members in many lifetimes and dear friends in many more. And now I had to face the darkness of my actions and beliefs.

How could I do those things? What was I thinking? Setting aside my initial horror, I had to get to the root of that inquiry. How could I?

Trying to stay objective, I realized my goal was not different from the Druid lifetimes I had recalled before, nor from this present one: to uplift the consciousness of myself and my fellow man. Yet, culture and religion had skewed my sense of how to achieve that. In those days, I was trained and encouraged to use force in the name of a higher goal.

I was in shock the rest of the day. I knew it was important to really drill down and face the darkness of my soul. It wasn’t all pretty, and I had to see it all.

I looked at the faces of those friends of mine who I had put through such an ordeal centuries before. Many conversations took place over the next few days involving deep regret and forgiveness. We all understood, but it was so harsh. No wonder I was resistant to recalling the memories.

On a brighter note, the acceptance of this dark side of me was a giant leap forward in my spiritual progress. Once you are no longer sheltering yourself from your own shadow side, a significant veil is lifted and you gain a perspective of a much broader horizon. 

I could already sense a greater awareness of more aspects of my personality and greater sensitivity to my approach to teaching and encouraging others in their transformation. While I never used violence in this present lifetime, my enthusiasm may have come across to others as overpowering in other ways.

Has that happened to you? Have you been so convinced of a perspective that you overpower others in your sincere desire to persuade them to your point of view? Whether it may be about the latest health and fitness craze, a religious belief, or political stance, your zeal and cultural influences may blind you to a more balanced and rational position.

In our world today, we are battered with admonitions to eat, speak, vote, protest, support, give, and dress a certain way. Threats, accusations (whether false or based in reality), violence, prejudice, disrespect, and rage are becoming all too commonplace as a way of resolving community issues.

  • Where will you stand in this? 
  • Will you look back on this lifetime with honor or with disgrace? 
  • Will you achieve a different perspective in the future and regret how you acted today? 
  • Are your beliefs so airtight, rational, reality-based, and true? 
  • Could there be an error in judgment at play? 
  • While you may hold the truth in your beliefs and choices, will you use reason or force to demonstrate it to others?

If you don’t feel strong enough to face the truth of all of who you are, then that is where you start. Just like any journey, you simply start where you are and take the first step.

There comes a time in life when we must face the darkness. We are good at forgetting our Self, our soul fragments. Some of you have surely recognized the feeling of disconnect, fragmentation, and being untethered from your soul.

You have to be strong enough to face whatever is there—the pain, grief, embarrassment, betrayal, lack of character and virtue, the poor choices, everything. Face all of you. See yourself for who you truly are. Why?

We know that to face the darkness in your soul is the only way you can actually begin the process of true transformation. 

Many of the prevailing teachings want you to ignore the negative and cover it all up with affirmations. The truth is affirmations won’t work unless you are completely congruent with the statement. Otherwise, there will be that nagging deeper voice that is saying, “Nuh-uh, that doesn’t resonate with me.”

So, as I set out on my trek across Ireland and this self-discovery odyssey, I had the attitude of “Bring it on!” I was determined, prepared, and excited to unlock the mysteries and take a look at the contents of my personal Pandora’s box, my treasure chest of memories.

I was starting to see the full spectrum of what needed to be integrated. It was time to not only accept the honorable but to face the darkness. 

Shades of Gray in Past Life Memories

Continuing our travels, our little band of seekers arrived in Kinsale, Ireland. A charming village along the southern coast, it is just offshore where the Lusitania was sunk by a German U-Boat in 1915. On the surface, this cheery, quaint town does not easily reveal its underlying military history. 

Soul searching can, at times, be the same type of experience. Sometimes there are readily accessible realizations, yet, all too often, it takes more concerted attention to drill down to the juicy bits. At first, the newness of the location, the logistics of parking, getting settled into a room, finding food––were all distractions from the purpose at hand. Sitting down for a pint and enjoying a good meal was the best that could be obtained for the evening. 

Our lodging was a delightfully appointed guest house with a Victorian-meets-Art Deco flair and shiny black  baby grand piano in the drawing-room. An annex added more rooms for guests, though my roomie and I took a space on the first floor of the original house. 

In the morning, I awoke with a strong and strange realization that I had owned this building at one time, back in the day. Before the addition. Reaching deeper into those memories, I realized that I had run the house as a brothel. Now hold on a minute. I, too, was surprised––but maybe just a little bit. 

Before we moralize around that issue, let’s step back and put it all in context. In those days, a woman had very few rights. She was raised by her family, and traded in marriage to a man, not for love, but for advantage. Is that not a form of slavery or prostitution in itself? And if you were raped, which often happened, or tainted in any way, you would be put out on the street to fend for yourself, without much hope for employment, since women rarely worked outside the home. 

More adventurous women may look for independence and a way to make their lives more fulfilling than being obedient to a controlling man or living within the confines of a judging society. 

At least this choice would offer a life that would bring a different perspective from being an Inquisitor for the Catholic Church––and thankfully so! In order to grow spiritually, and expand our consciousness, we need to have a wide range of experiences. It certainly aids in giving us a broader perspective, deeper compassion, and greater wisdom.

I went in search of the pearls to be gained in this unfolding Kinsale lifetime. When I revealed my findings to my travel companions, many said they remembered working for me in my establishment. Our shared memories helped to enrich the recall. 

What I realized then, was that because I was living outside of the norms, already on the edge of society in so many ways, I was the one that people trusted the most. My reputation was sullied in the eyes of those townspeople who were bound by societal limitations. But those who ran the town were my customers and allies and knew that I would protect their reputations as they would protect me from the law. On any given evening you could run into pirates and politicians, outlaws and military, priests and tradesmen. The secret side of the community was on full display, far from the prying eyes of the judgmental townfolk.

My establishment was where secret messages were conveyed, treaties were negotiated, and life-giving energy was provided for the weary. Other humanitarian acts were committed as well. I felt I was doing what was right.

Like the time a girl from town found herself unmarried and pregnant at a young age. She was turned out from her family and from any association in the community. They thought they were doing what’s right, too. This girl was wrought with fear and despair and one day trudged into the ocean to drown herself. As she was drifting into that twilight, she was rescued by a passing sailor. 

What was he to do with her? Where could she go?

He was doing what was right when he brought her to my doorstep. She was shunned by society, so why not bring her to the only place that didn’t live by their rules. I took her in. She cooked and cleaned for my house of ill-repute, and delivered and raised her child there. She led a productive life, safely in my house. 

I am proud of that life and the difference I was able to make in individual lives, as well as society, by doing what’s right rather than what’s acceptable.

It takes a lot of gumption to step out of line. Zigzag through life so to speak. It can be a big risk to do what’s right rather than what is expected, to provide opportunities for people to grow and society to evolve. 

Ponder the following: 

  • Do you step out of line for all the right reasons? 
  • Do you play by the rules and do what’s acceptable even when it is counter to your goals, passions, and values?
  • In what way does society hold you back from your full potential?

Can you think of a time when you did what was acceptable rather than what you knew to be right? How did that turn out? And how do you feel about that decision?

I tell a brave story, but I, too, have held myself back in various ways. I know it and I am working on it. Anyone who knows me knows that hasn’t fully stopped me from walking on the wild side, however, I can pinpoint one brief event in kindergarten that marked me deeply and has kept me smaller than my soul’s capability.  All for the sake of avoiding being reprimanded and punished as I was by that authoritarian figure of a teacher who wouldn’t stand for me zigzagging when we were told to hold and hands and walk in a line behind her.

What memory do you have that may have caused a similar response of limitations, fear of the opinions of others, and doing what is acceptable rather than doing what’s right?

Stone Circles Ignite Curious Questions

The next stop on our past life quest was an opportunity to reinforce the idea of giving value for value and seeing the energy exchange more clearly.

We arrived in Kenmare, Ireland. For me, the most important aspect of this town is a well-preserved stone circle dating back to the Bronze Age (2200 – 500 BC). The energy of this site still functions but is waning under the pressure of the demands placed on it.

Used for thousands of years, my intuition told me I had lived or visited here as many as two dozen times over the centuries. There were layers of lifetimes to explore. Families, rituals, battles, the ever-changing shape of the village, the use of the stones, and the eventual shift of this monument away from being the centerpiece of the community. It now sits quietly at the edge.

A popular tourist site, most people come to take pictures or attempt to use the energy to make their wishes come true. At the edge of the circle is a tree. On this tree are attached hundreds of notes, each asking for their prayers to be answered. People plead for help with healing, prosperity, fertility, and so forth. 

But who provides support for the stones? Who asks the circle what it needs in order to continue functioning? In these modern times, how many come here to make an offering, rather than to ask for it to give up its bounty for their own sake?

How is this same process reflected in the world at large? What do you notice about those who only ask of you? Think about this: 

  • Whenever we ask others to give us something without a fair exchange it is a form of slavery.
  • How do children turn their parents into slaves?
  • How are citizens turning their communities and governments into slaves?  Or governments turning citizens into slaves?
  • How do people expect their God or spirit guides to be at their beck and call without making an equally valuable offering?
  • Where is the exchange of value?
  • Is there an offer of value for value, or do they (or you) just want it all provided for free?

Do you find yourself in positions of give, give, give without return? Perhaps you agreed to this arrangement  in the beginning with some expectation of a return, but how does that feel over time if they don’t repay the favor or money? What happens to your energy, finances, time, or attention?

In working with my spirit guides, I do my best to provide something of value in exchange for their support in giving me advice, protection, and attention to my path of growth. I know that they are Beings with a path and purpose of their own. As a friend, it is a privilege, not a right, to have them at my side. They are not created to be my servants, and I certainly don’t want them to feel enslaved.

It can be hard making a meaningful offering when dealing with the spirit world. Yet, one idea is to do our purposeful work. If your spirit guide is concerned about the health of the planet, perhaps they can work with you in exchange for you being a role model for maintaining a clean environment. If their purpose is to foster consciousness on the planet, perhaps you can be a diligent student in raising your own awareness and sight. These are just a couple of examples of offering value for value.

In the physical world, when we want medical or automotive services or want to buy new clothes or groceries, we understand that we will offer an exchange. Typically, we trade money for goods, so that both parties get what they want. Yet, in subtle and insidious ways, the imbalance seeps into other areas of our lives. 

In their absence of awareness, the visitors to this stone circle at Kenmare are blindly following a tradition of asking for help by pinning the weight of that note and the burden of the request to the adjacent tree. By requesting the energy, focus, and intention to be given freely by the stones to make their own lives better, resolve problems, and provide abundance, they are really taking without giving an offer of value in return. 

While there, I asked for nothing. I sat with the stones, cleaned off some moss and dirt that had accumulated.  It was like caring for a grandmother. I offered my energy and gratitude. In the process, my intuition was sharpened and my sight improved. I attribute that to the flow that happens when exchanging value for value. I was richer for that experience.

Integrating Past Life Experiences 

You’ve learned about a number of my past lives that I uncovered while traveling in Ireland. There were many more past life experiences discovered during my sabbatical than I have shared. More past life memories and connections brought to light and to life. Too many to continue to write about.

What is important at this point is to tie these lifetimes together in a cohesive pattern, an integrated soul experience. After all, that is what life experiences are all about; not just remembering or thinking of them as separate from us but integrating the experiences, embracing them, and finding ways for them to make an impression on our psyche and soul.

For these lifetimes to be cohesive and a real part of you, they must create change in your perspectives, attitudes, awareness, sensory recall, character, and/or behaviors. They must alter the way you see yourself and the world around you.

Integration of the experiences, not just intellectual knowledge of the events, means coming to terms with your choices and behaviors and accepting past decisions even in difficult lifetimes. It requires facing the darkness and pushing through resistance.  The whole exercise means little if the experiences and growth do not become an actual part of your character. It’s vital those aspects of you become something real inside of you which can be carried from life to life.

Integrating Past Life Themes

I talked about my idea of having 3 themes or hubs in my wheel of incarnations. My concern was that I was divided and moving in three different directions, instead of aligning with one focused purpose. We know it is unwise to be a house divided. So what was I to do with all this information and these seemingly separate themes I had uncovered?

To recap, I revealed these aspects of myself earlier as Sophia, Mary, and Isabella.

I connected the Dundalk Druid lifetime with Sophia, the Rock of Cashell Bishop lifetime with Mary, and the Kinsale brothel and Kenmare pagan lifetimes with Isabella.

Having made these correlations, I was in a bit of a quandary. How could I follow paths going in such different directions? Why did I express my character in these varied ways? I had to make sense of this.

As I meditated on this, I began to see a deeper pattern. A common theme underlying and tying together all these expressions.

Deeper Clues to My Purpose

What I discovered was that my purpose had not changed in any of those lifetimes, and it was not different from the purpose I pursue today. I simply went about it in numerous ways. I would celebrate my Druid life, be intrigued by my brothel experiences, and I would judge myself harshly as mistaken and wrong in the Bishop’s lifetime, where, although the aim was true, the means were regrettable.

That happens. It will happen to all of us. We cannot cower from those memories, but rather embrace the opportunity to learn and gain perspective. Strengthen ourselves in that self-recognition.

Together, the Sophia, Mary, and Isabella lives were dedicated to uncovering truth and aiding in the raising of consciousness. 

Imagine a bull’s eye that represents you aiming at your purpose. You are shooting arrows at it from several different angles. And at each angle are countless variations of you lining up to take their turn in hopes of successfully hitting the mark. 

It will be important for each aspect of you to know where to aim, to identify and locate your purpose. What is your bull’s eye? What perspectives or themes do you imagine have held the bow and taken aim? How do you tie these perspectives together to create a cohesive whole soul with a singular purpose to fulfill?

As you collect, bind, and integrate the memories, you increase the mass of your soul, your energetic body. This, in turn, provides you with more momentum and power to move forward and get things done. Gaining mass adds many benefits including strengthening your spiritual protections and attracting higher-level spirits who will want to work with you.

Finding Clues to Your Purpose

Do you sense a theme in your present life? If you have explored your past lives, do you notice the thread of similarities throughout those memories? Have you discovered discrepancies or stark differences in the life direction or expression in various lives?

Here are simple steps to get started:

  1. Explore several of your lifetimes using a guided visualization audio or with a skilled practitioner.
  2. Look for common themes that tie various lives together.
  3. Look for a deeper purpose that is shared by the lives you have discovered.
  4. Ask yourself, what is the purpose of expressing this theme? What is the purpose that I’m aiming at?

That theme will be a strong clue to your soul’s purpose.

Ending thoughts

Whether exploring your past lives in meditation, with a guided visualization audio, with a practitioner, or on location, the important part of remembering those lifetimes is the impression it makes on your soul.

Remember that those other lifetimes are not separate beings but, in fact, they are you in your many manifestations. To become whole and purposeful you must see it all from the perspective of one long personal history, one continuous character, and with one purposeful goal. This is what will give you the deep joy and meaning you seek in life.

In helping my clients explore their purpose. we not only experience past lives but also engage in other activities that reveal even more clues. If you would like support and direction in gaining this knowledge and wisdom for yourself, please schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Call today to learn more.

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