There are several ways to practice and apply hypnotherapy, with a wide range of experiences and results. Whether you’re seeking private sessions or a course of training in this art, the following post will clarify the distinction between traditional hypnotherapy techniques and The LaBay Method.

In the following post, I’ll discuss:

  • What hypnotherapy is
  • Why traditional approaches to hypnotherapy aren’t always the most effective
  • How my signature approach, the LaBay Method, is a hypnosis technique that gets results

Keep reading to learn about the long-lasting client breakthroughs with The LaBay Method that may even span multiple lifetimes.

What is Hypnotherapy? 

Hypnosis is a profound state of relaxation, focused mind, and heightened sensory awareness, achieved when applied techniques take the brain waves of the subject to the level of Alpha or below.

Hypnotherapy has become so popular because people are discovering that it’s one of the most rapid and effective ways to explore, discover, correct, and enhance personalities, lifestyles, health, and well-being.

Over recent years, we’ve learned so much about consciousness and our minds.

One thing we’ve learned about the human mind is that when our brainwave frequencies move from our everyday Beta state to Alpha, Delta, or Theta, we’re able to access a rich and vast source of creativity, intuition, and wisdom. This even allows us to construct the very things we want to manifest. Yes, this is the level we want to be swimming in to create and attract good things into our lives.

When we are in hypnosis, we’re influencing the mind to resonate with the frequencies in and between Alpha and Delta. Down here, there’s a luscious pool of creative and intuitive inspiration, powerful wisdom and manifestation, and the ability to heal at a very deep level.

This state is one goal of meditation. However, many people struggle to achieve effective meditation, and so we find hypnosis provides a quicker, more reliable means. 

Limitations of Other Hypnosis Techniques 

When learning hypnotherapy, a new practitioner will be introduced to various hypnosis techniques. But not all hypnosis is the same.

Most hypnotherapy practitioners rely on scripts—what I call the traditional, old-fashioned way. They can spend hours doing research, writing, or poring over a stack of script books just to prepare for a one-hour session. Then, they read this “canned” monologue while their client is in a trance.

It’s a huge expenditure of their time and may or may not align with what the client’s subconscious really needs. Every individual is different. You can’t use scripts from a book and expect them to work with precision for everyone.

As I began my practice, I quickly realized that my clients already had all the information and wisdom needed to attain their goals, but it was all locked in their subconscious minds.  So, I set about developing the next evolution of hypnotherapy as a more efficient healing modality. 

The LaBay Method Hypnosis Technique

The LaBay Method focuses on client-centered, soulful protocols to draw out pertinent insights. There are no more awkward scripts, just engaged dialogue with the subconscious mind.

The LaBay Method is:

  • Uniquely developed from decades of hands-on practice and careful evolution of the techniques
  • Selected to bring you the most effective results while covering the wide range of presenting issues typically encountered in a well-rounded practice
  • Spans the spectrum from clinical applications to spiritual, for the inclusion of healing and growth on all levels, holistically

While “traditional” hypnotherapists were working on their scripts, I began gathering creative ideas and developing new techniques based on my other areas of study.

These healing and self-awareness techniques include elements of:

  • Psychology (Gestalt, Perls, Freud, Jung, and others)
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming (Erickson, Bandler, Grindler, and others)
  • Indigenous practices (Celtic and Native American Shamanism, and the like)
  • New physics (time/space, aspect theory)
  • Transpersonal mysticism (energy, intuition, past lives, between lives, astrology, and much more)

The LaBay Method is an elegant and unique approach to self-awareness, healing, and expanded perceptions, developed and curated over my decades in practice. The effectiveness of this method has been demonstrated by thousands of my clients who’ve achieved rapid and lasting results with:

  • Blocks and decisions
  • Pain, suffering, abuse, and grief
  • Addictions, habits, and phobias
  • Relationships, manifestation, and abundance
  • And so much more.

The reason this method is more effective is because the session is facilitated in dialogue, involving the client through each step. They will explore the deeper causation of issues and realize the exact pathway to resolving them. 

They will have breakthroughs and “Aha!” moments and, through the applied techniques, be able to manifest distinct changes in their attitudes, behaviors, and values. Even in a one-hour session, they will achieve tangible life-changing results. 

This isn’t something that is done to them. This method gives the client a supported “workspace” to rearrange their own life. They can do away with what’s not working and manifest their desired lifestyle.

Using the LaBay Method for Past Life Exploration

The LaBay Method works not only in this present life but also just as effectively in other lifetimes. Over the years, I’ve been a pioneer in developing the most advanced protocols for exploring and healing past lives.

Imagine your soul is like a diamond with an infinite number of facets. Each facet represents a different life you have lived.  You’re living on one of those facets, thinking this is all there is, but the majority of who you are is composed of all those other facets. You, in this body, are just a small fraction of the whole of who you are.  

A client’s present life issues are often rooted in unresolved traumas that occurred in other lifetimes. These traumas are hidden away in the subconscious mind and often surface in unwanted ways, such as pain, disease, and confusing reactions and behaviors. Addictions and conditions such as Fibromyalgia are among the cases I’ve treated that found their resolution by applying healing techniques within one or more past life regressions.

In many cases, exploring the past life cause is necessary to complete the healing journey. For clients ready to deepen their personal and spiritual growth, recalling past lives is foundational. How can you truly know yourself if you’re aware of just one out of millions of aspects of your soul’s full dimensionality and brilliance? 

Ending thoughts

While there are several approaches to hypnosis available to those who want to learn these techniques, they’re not all created equal. If you’d like to incorporate hypnotherapy and past life regression into your career plans, make sure you learn a wide range of effective techniques that will allow you to provide the best results for your clients.

Do you have any questions about the LaBay Method? Feel free to post them below!

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