Perhaps the greatest benefit of discovering our past lives is that we begin to see the divine in all of life. We see it in ourselves, in everyone around us, in all times and places, in everything that exists. A life lived from this perspective is rich and fulfilling.

After experiencing a number of past life regressions, it’s typical that people start to get a genuine understanding that our energies are entwined and that we have interacted with others in many ways, in various roles, throughout history. Our paths cross and re-cross. Our roles reverse and change.

With the understanding that each person we encounter may have been our parent, child, sibling, or spouse, we come to recognize the precious nature of every human contact. Each person carries the potential of having served some important role in one or more of our lifetimes. Experiencing past life regressions encourages us to honor that fact and the divine in every soul.

These are just some of the benefits that clients have reported to me from past-life regression. In your past life journeys, you will discover your own personal benefits.

For Audrey, the benefits were physical, spiritual, and emotional. The regression described below helped her deal with several serious health issues, including a seizure disorder. Her case study also shows that many different types of benefits may be gained in just one session and demonstrates the kinds of healing techniques that can be used.

Case Study: Audrey

Audrey had studied philosophical topics for years and was interested in finding out more about her past lives. She also wanted to meet her spirit guide, learn about her life lessons, and resolve several health issues. 

Audrey had a seizure disorder that began soon after her marriage. Her medications made her inclined toward depression and self-destructive behavior. For several years, she had experienced a grand mal seizure once or twice a year, as well as several milder episodes each month. She complained of migraines that felt as if she were being stabbed in the side of the head with a knife.

This partial transcript of our session illustrates several aspects of past-life regression. It shows the value of simply following your intuition and how it is possible to extract illuminating information, even from small incidents or details. It also demonstrates how a session may wander through several lifetimes and address many different kinds of issues.

As the session began, Audrey saw herself outside.

Audrey: I see grass and sticks. It is daytime, and I am alone. I am about twenty years old. Now, I see tall trees, a rock, some hills, and a grassy area. I am picking up sticks and putting them into a sling to take them to other people who will use them for fire. I see myself going inside my home. I live with my parents. My mom is home and is preparing food.

Mary Lee: Do you know where you are or the date?

A: I don’t know exactly where we are, but the date is 17 A.D.

ML: What else do you notice?

A: I am sitting and working with my hands. Now I go outside. I am going up a hill, looking for a man. I’m happy. I sit down and wait. I want him to come with me down the hill. I sense there is something dangerous going on. He doesn’t come. Other people are coming. They want to kill our people. I hide. Many people get hurt. Someone hits me and has their hand on my neck. It’s a man. He shoves my face in the dirt. I’m scared. He hits me with a stick on my back and on my head. It’s right where the migraines are. It’s pulsating.

ML: If that sensation had a shape and a color, what would it be?

A: It is reddish pink and looks like a long island.

ML: How could you change it so you could experience healing and relief?

A: I can change it to white and blue. That feels good.

ML: I would like you to ask your spirit guide to come and speak with you now. What do you notice about them?

A: There is one guide. He is male, a little older, and he’s smiling at me. His name is Brian. I ask him what I am supposed to work on and what my purpose is. He shows me someone who has fallen down. I’m helping them up. It is metaphorical for my purpose, to help people in general and work with a specific person.

ML: Moving on to another lifetime that will give you information relevant to you at this time, what do you notice next?

A: I see a wooden door with an old tarnished handle. I’m outdoors, on a boat. It’s large. I am a man. I’m on the deck, rocking back and forth. It’s calm. A mild day. I’m on a merchant ship. I am making sure that people are doing their jobs. Now I see we are in port. We go to a tavern and drink and eat. Everyone is happy, but I’m nervous. 

I am waiting for someone to come in. A couple of big men come in, and one sits down with me. The other stands. They are glad to see me, but I think they may be blackmailing me. It’s about a deal that I’ve made. I want to give them what they want so they will leave. I want it to be done. I tell them to come to the boat. I will let them take something off the boat. They are laughing. I feel disgusted. I leave the people there at the tavern. I go to the boat. I’m walking around in the hold, thinking about what I did. I am waiting for them. They show up and surprise me. 

I tell them to take what they came for and leave. They pull a gun on me. I’m not surprised. I suspected that it would end badly. They are laughing, and they have a box. I said that I made a deal with the devil. Then they shoot me. They leave, and I sit next to a crate. I am thinking of what I did. It was wrong. I was trying to take a shortcut. I had something in the box and was transporting it to someone who wasn’t supposed to have it. It was jewelry.

ML: As I count from three to one, you will know the date and the location of this scene. Three, two, one.

A: It’s 1575. I’m an English native, and this occurred in Africa. There are dark people here.

ML: What have you learned from this experience?

A: There are no shortcuts. When working with people, you have to go through the process step by step. I have to be in charge of my own destiny.

ML: Move now to another lifetime. What do you notice next?

A: I’m in a Victorian house. I’m walking around. It’s my house. I live with my husband and two children, both boys. I’m thirty-five years old. I’m arguing with my husband. I want to have some control in the marriage. Otherwise, it’s a happy marriage.

ML: What do you know about your husband?

A: He is a banker. I don’t work. We are talking about finances, and he says no to me. He won’t see my point of view. I’m crying. We go on with life, but I am resentful.

ML: Move ahead in time. What do you notice next?

A: We are older. My son is there with his wife. She and I are talking. I’m telling her that I wanted control of something in our marriage, but it didn’t work that way. I have put it behind me. She wants more control, too. She is having a baby. I tell her that it will be a full-time job.

ML: Moving ahead again until the next relevant event; what do you notice next?

A: I’m old and in bed. I’m sick, and I can’t get out of bed. I live with my son and daughter-in-law. I enjoy my grandchildren.

ML: Looking back over that lifetime, what were your lessons?

A: I found it hard to conform, but it was important to do so. I was supporting my husband in his career, and we had social pressures. I lost a bit of myself in the process.

ML: Do you see any correlations between that lifetime and this one?

A: I am learning to do things for myself now. I am trying to stay in control, and seeing this helps me not to be resentful.

ML: Once again, calling in your spirit guide, what do you notice this time?

A: I see an older female this time. I see two guides. Brian is there again. He is male, with a beard and dark eyes. Brian speaks: “You are on the right path.” He shows me a scene. There is green grass, a shepherd, and a lamb. The boy is caring for the lamb, which is eating grass. The boy carried the lamb down a hill and gave it water. He also carries a stick. It is glowing with a yellow light. He holds it above his head. It gives him strength and power.

ML: What does this message mean to you?

A: I’m the shepherd, taking care of children. I’m supposed to take the power. It was mine all along. I didn’t realize that. He wants me to be more open to his guidance. I need to keep meditating. I should keep learning. Read books. Write in my journal. He wants me to wear a gold ring, my wedding ring. I need to get it sized to wear it again. It is for security. He tells me to be happy.

ML: Thanking your guide for his assistance, I would like to ask him to show you yet another lifetime. What do you see next?

A:  There is a curtain. It has warm red, orange, and brown colors. I’m in a small hut or house. There is someone ill in there. It’s a young boy. The only other people there are his parents. They are worried and wringing their hands. I am a man, and I am there to heal the boy.

I go to the boy and put my hand on his forehead. I’m calling down a type of energy. I am a conduit to help clear his blocks and give him a jump-start. I can sense there is something wrong with his stomach and intestines. The energy is trying to work. It is forcing some kind of bad stuff out of his feet. I know that he won’t die.

This involves a lesson for his family. They need to learn to be less concerned with material matters and more concerned with family and the well-being of the family as a group. At some level, the boy has decided to be sick so that they can focus on what is important. He will get well. I can sense their frustration. They can’t see past the illness to the deeper problem. I can see that the boy eventually got better, but they did not learn the true lesson.

ML: What do you notice next?

A: I leave there and go to the temple. I am a man in my thirties. I am maybe thirty-six or thirty-seven years old. I am single, and I am a priest or holy man of sorts. I have a lot of responsibility for the people in my area. For their spiritual well-being. There are other men who do the same thing in the community. We are in South America, in the jungle. We are near the west coast of the continent. It could be either Central or South America. It is not a coastal town, but it is not far from the coast. Maybe a few days of travel by foot. I wear a robe wrapped around me made of cotton-like material. I don’t have a lot of hair, but what I have is pulled up.

ML: Moving ahead in time to the next relevant experience, what do you notice next?

A: We are celebrating a high holy day. I am sitting on my chair or throne during the ceremony. People from outside the temple bring offerings. They give them to me, or perhaps it is a ceremonial gift to a deity that I represent. I’m not sure. It is the beginning of some season, and it is hot. Today, there is going to be a lesson of compassion.

During the day, someone does something wrong, and a young boy is brought before me for punishment. I am in the position of a judge. I am to hand out a sentence of what should happen to this boy. Because it is a holiday, I am telling them that they need to be compassionate. We will learn compassion instead of punishment today. The poor people are happy, but the people who have more wealth are upset. They like the rules for the rules’ sake. They like to enforce more than follow the rules. The celebration continues.

I retire to the living chamber, which is less chaotic. I speak with my friend, who is another priest and teacher. He is older than I am. He shakes his head and tells me that I like to cause upsets. I like to stir things up. He laughs because he knows I was right. In this life, he reminds me of my husband’s boss.

ML: What happens next?

A: I am looking out over the river from way above it on a cliff. The river stretches beyond where I can see. I am looking at it and thinking. It is my retreat from my daily work. I am searching my inner self for answers regarding my frustrations with my duties of being a leader. What is truly important seems to be bogged down in the daily lives of the people who come to us. I need to learn patience. My job is to teach and guide people. I must be patient until they get to the level that they can understand these things. I also serve as a role model.

ML: Moving ahead, what do you notice next?

A: I am in an argument with someone. This leads to me taking on a student. He is a young boy who is to come into the priesthood. He is my novice, my apprentice. In this life, he is my son. I spent a couple of years teaching him. One day, there is a solar eclipse. It is daytime, but it is dark. My student and the other people are scared. The priests know that this is a good sign. The eclipse provides energy to be used, energy that can be worked with.

We have a ceremony. Only the oldest, fully trained priests attend. We are gathered in a circle. We are connected, either by holding hands or by an energy-mind connection. The group focuses on one thought. We make a ritual drawing on the ground that we stand on. They are trying to use the energy to raise the vibration or make some molecular patterns of the body move faster. There is a large group focusing on this thought and intention at this time. It feels successful. We are pleased with the outcome.

ML: Moving ahead in time, what do you notice next?

C: I am about forty-seven or fifty-seven at the time of my death. It is time for me to go. My student is there. I’m lying on the bed, talking, and I just die. I feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. I was a teacher. I was successful in teaching a lot of people that love is more important than fear. I helped those I was supposed to help.

ML: What correlations do you notice between that lifetime and this one?

A: The lessons are the same. I need to teach love, not fear. I must teach not only the love of humankind but also the love of self so that people can relate to each other better. I am already doing this. Through my work, I am helping them feel better about themselves. I need to take better care of my words so they feel even better inside. My work is to raise the consciousness of others.

More than ten years have passed since Audrey first started her regressions. She has had one small seizure and no grand mal episodes. Past life regression may not be the only cause of her improvement in health. However, she is happy and leading a normal life, free of migraines and serious seizures.

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