Imagine if you could travel back through time to access personal gifts and wisdom and bring them more fully into your everyday life now. Let me share a client’s case study and an experience of past life healing. 

During a recent past life regression session, my client recalled memories that, at first, seemed like a dream or a version of a fairy tale. As the regression began, she described her surroundings.

“I’m standing in front of a thick brown wooden door with a pebbled glass window. ‘Dr. Alberona’ is written on the door in gold. I feel curious as I enter and find myself in a circular room lined with bookcases. There is an oriental rug and a heavy oak table. On the table. I see glass spheres, decks of cards, perhaps Tarot cards. This seems to be a space for a wizard, a scholar. There is a solid wooden door straight ahead of me. The room has a high domed ceiling, painted in the Renaissance style with angels and such.”

“I feel like Alice in Wonderland. I’m about 8 or 9 years old, wearing a blue dress with a bow at the back, Mary Janes on my feet, and I have blond ringlets. It feels like a dream space. I looked for Dr. Alberona and saw that he looked like Albert Einstein, with wild gray hair. He has secret magical information. A book is open in front of me. It is thick and illuminated. By looking at it, I can download the information directly. I can’t say what it is exactly, but it helps me to have a happy and comfortable life filled with knowledge and wisdom.”

At this point, I am still not sure whether my client is recalling a past life memory or creating this from her imagination, so I delve deeper and ask her further questions. She told me the doctor had called her Mary Ann and her last name was Knowlton. They live in or near Vienna. She tells me she is finished here and is curious about the door across the room. She kisses Dr. Alberona and goes through the door.

“I step outside and see a vast landscape. There are mountains and a vast panorama. The sky is yellow with clouds that let through the ‘God rays’. I sit on a step and just gaze. He wants me to remember to see the big picture, to see a larger panoramic view of life.”

Still wondering whether this is a metaphor or an actual lifetime, I ask my client to move ahead in time to when she is older.

“I’m in my 50s now and am a teacher of wisdom. I help people understand their lives. I am a seer and have mystical qualities. My hair is long, and I wear a sapphire blue wizard robe with gold stars. I have a room full of books. It is 1837.”

When asked about any historical or military awareness she may have from that lifetime, she says she doesn’t pay much attention to those matters, but she hears people still talking about the exploits of Napoleon. It seems distant.

I asked about her daily life, and she continued, “People visit me by appointment. I am gazing. I take time to look into the future. I write about the session in a journal. A client comes to me, a female in a long dress and apron. She is plump and brings bread, which is a payment for her time with me. She has a husband and several sons and says, ‘I don’t know what to do with these men. They create such problems!’”

“I have special ears. I pay attention and listen closely. When her words come, I hold them, and then I give them back to her in a different form. It is like a glowing ball of light. It comes out of my body and into hers. I gaze upon her with compassion and free of judgment. When I am finished, her troubles float out of her body. She gives me the bread, along with a hug and a kiss. We are connected. Energetically, there is a deep connection.”

Wanting more information, perhaps something that could be verified in history books, I ask her to remember a time when she went to the market.

“I have many friends in the market. Many of them come to me for healing. In my basket, I have onions, beans, veggies, bread, eggs, and a chicken.”

She tells me that she pays for these items with gold coins. I ask her to describe them to me.

“One is gold and hexagonal with a picture of someone who is perhaps an emperor. He has a cap and a large nose. I think I see the word Octavia. It is heavy. There are others of different sizes. There is another coin, much smaller, round, and copper.”

I asked my client to recap what she had learned from that lifetime, and she responded that her whole life had been extraordinary. While she existed in this same world as the rest of the population, it was her ability to see the extraordinary that made it so.

“My takeaway from this past-life regression is that I can bring the extraordinary into this lifetime, too. Every moment is exquisite. I can connect on a deeper level with people—and I sometimes do already—by seeing them as pure spirits. It is the ability to allow myself to have this extraordinary perception that will bring that same magic, healing, and connection into my life now.”

While I have not had the opportunity to do extensive research into the historical references of this regression, it remains fascinating that there were so many details of ordinary life, as well as instructions on how to lead an extraordinary spiritual life. Whether the facts are accurate or the details precise, the truly important aspect of past life regression is that the client comes away with valuable self-knowledge and wisdom.

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