Have you ever witnessed a ghost busting? Does the thought of a haunting send chills down your spine? I will share with you one of many experiences I have had with modern-day ghost busting. While every case may be somewhat different, you’ll see that this one isn’t at all like how it’s portrayed on television.

The world is filled with more than just what we can see with our physical eyes, whether or not we choose to believe it. And I have had enough firsthand experience with the spirit world that I have no doubt whatsoever of its existence.

When I was a child, my mom would tuck me into bed and tell me about the angels that would be watching over me as I slept. So, I would fall asleep focused on seeing them and enjoying their comfort and care. Later, when I was a teen, I would be told that I must have guardian angels as I would get in and out of crazy escapades relatively unscathed. So, in my good angels, I was truly a believer.

As I grew older and wiser, I realized that guardian angels weren’t the only unseen Beings that roamed the spirit worlds. The astral realms are populated with as broad of a variety of creatures as is here with all our animal species, insects, sea creatures, races of humans, and so forth. They exhibit a similarly wide spectrum of intelligence and intent—from barely conscious to far more brilliant than we can fathom—and from helpful and kind to destructive and malicious.

In our world here, we could encounter a fly, a lobster, a bobcat, or the neighbor’s dog. In the same way, in the spiritual realms, we can encounter a host of beings with similarly diverse appearance, intelligence, intention, purpose, and habits.

So, it was with great curiosity that I listened to my client describe her experiences in her home while checking the solidity of my aura to protect against whatever we may encounter in our session.

She described consistent health problems since moving into her house, along with conversations with unseen voices, a knowing that there was a cigarette-smoking man standing behind her and even pushing on her back, the inability to leave the house at times, and the feeling like everything was stuck in a whirlpool in the center of the house. Her husband was also expressing concerns about the energy in the house and was starting to have his own health issues. My client stated that when she left the house, she would finally be free of energy when she was a block away. And then it was like she could be herself again.

They were experiencing symptoms of mold in the house, but inspectors would tell them they couldn’t find anything. The couple interviewed contractors to remodel the house, and each would sit in the living room, listening to the job description, and then just leave and never be in touch again. My client found all of this to be frustrating, concerning, and bewildering.

And, oh yes, the previous owner had put her children to bed for a nap and had proceeded to commit suicide. Yes, there was that.

After putting my client into a hypnotic trance state, I asked her to imagine standing in front of their home. As she stood there on the sidewalk, she could already sense energy and barriers. As she entered the home, in her imagination, she saw a female ghost sitting at the top of the stairs. She was the spirit of the woman who had killed herself.

This woman was distraught and riddled with guilt. Upon seeing my client, she moved toward her, trying to enter her body. My client immediately recognized that this woman had done this constantly whenever she was in the house. She took up residency within my client, clouding her thoughts, filling her with guilt and negativity, and keeping her from easily leaving the house.

My client’s inclination was to push her out and hold her at bay. A wise and healthy move. But instead of telling her to just leave, I had my client initiate a conversation with the woman to get further information about her circumstances and why she remained there.

Through a detailed conversation, we learned that the woman was punishing herself for having left her children in such a way. While we obtained a lot more information, the summary is that I asked her how long she would have to be punished for this and whether this was the best way for her to repair the damage done to her children. Wouldn’t it be better to release herself on “time served”, and start being as productive and supportive as possible. I asked her if she could change her punishment from being stuck in negativity to a life of service to her loved ones and to the world. She really liked that idea and said it had never occurred to her.

She confessed that she would not let herself go more than a block from the house and that it was her energy that followed my client to the end of the street. My client felt released from the stuck energy of the house whenever she moved beyond that street corner because that is when this woman would leave her body and return to the house.

After a little more conversation, including instructions on how to leave and what it would feel like to be back out in the world as a productive being, this spirit exited the house for good.

Then our attention turned to the man my client had sensed, who seemed to be smoking cigarettes and pushing on her back. My client was inclined to just tell him to leave the house and leave her alone. But I asked her to engage him in conversation to understand his attachment to being there.

As we began our conversation with this ghost, he told us that he had been the original owner of the home. He had worked for Boeing as an engineer and had saved his money to buy the property. He had designed and built the home in 1942 and was very attached to it.

He had died in the house and remained there ever since, watching over his work of art. He was very disturbed by the fact that subsequent owners had torn down a wall, and he confessed that it was he who scared off all the contractors that my client had interviewed for remodeling projects.

Through our conversation with this ghost, we discovered his love of designing and building. He had great pride in his handiwork. I asked him whether he thought it more interesting to stay and monitor the future of this house or if he would find it more exciting to start planning and building something new. He was intrigued and confessed he had never thought about that. As soon as he started to think about it, he was very anxious to get going. He wanted to move on, reincarnate, and start dreaming up his next project. Shortly after that, he took another look around and vacated the house, and his pushing energy was immediately released from my client’s back.

So, all that was left was to understand the whirlpool of energy. During the session, my client had already become aware that there was a vortex of energy coming diagonally up from the earth and opening under the staircase. She looked at that now and saw many stuck spirits in the funnel. She felt the intense energy that had kept her household in a swirl of confusion and pinned them down in their lives.

To better understand this phenomenon, I simply asked my client to relax into a sense of knowing its origin. She immediately saw herself standing on the same property but in a long-ago time. There were no houses, only forest and land. A native man was leaning against a fir tree beside the vortex. We engaged him in conversation.

He told us this is a powerful vortex that releases energy onto the physical plane in this location. It is sacred and respected. He said it was a shame that anything was built there, and he advised her to move the house. We asked if there was another way to deal with this, as it was causing a lot of destruction in their lives. A manhole cover appeared and closed off the vortex at this exit point. The man said the energy would now be diverted and come to the surface further away. And then he disappeared.

I checked back in with my client. She was feeling better energetically and optimistic about the energy in her home. We concluded the session with visualization to fill her own aura and close her internal spaces that have allowed the influence of these spiritual beings. She felt more solid on many levels and was relieved and excited about the results of this work.

As we can see, this “ghost busting” involved spirits who were stuck in a location due to their emotional attachments. They were not evil but misguided. They did not intend harm but caused it in their behaviors. These were spirits who simply needed a helping hand and a broader perspective to turn from destructive patterns to a bright new future.

Modern-day ghostbusting isn’t always this way. Yet, in this case, a major shift for many souls could take place in a peaceful and relatively swift manner. Now, many lives have been freed from their stuck condition so that they can move forward more purposefully into the future.

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