I started working with Melissa about six months ago. She called me in distress because she was unhappy with just about every aspect of her life. This was leading her to eat a little too much, drink a little too much, and be grumpier than she liked with her family.

Her frustrations are not that uncommon. And it is also not uncommon to keep plodding along until things just get too bad to handle. When people call to get help with their life situation, there is usually a “last straw” – some event that was enough to motivate them to seek help.

After five sessions with Melissa, things had turned around. Realizing that she was not living her dreams and was holding herself back due to fear, our sessions led her to reconnect with the inner strengths and boundaries that she had buried deep within her.

Sessions are client-centered and organic, meaning that each session flows based on the needs of the individual and is directed by their own higher self. In this case, we explored beliefs that originated in childhood, recognized and dissolved present blocks, and gathered strengths and wisdom from previous lifetimes, among other techniques. By the end of our work together, she decided to change her career and move into a line of work that really sings to her soul.

No longer frustrated and angry, she reports she is too excited and focused to take that extra drink or seek out comfort foods to fill in the gaps in her life.

I have been there, too. Back in my early 30s, I found myself trapped in all the physical trappings of what was supposed to be my happy life. Only…I wasn’t all that happy.

I found my way out and now have the privilege and pleasure of helping others find their way as well.

My work centers strongly on helping people find their true purpose and getting squarely oriented on their life path.

What lights their fire? What drives their passions? What makes them want to get out of bed and walk a little further down their highest and best path?

Can you believe how many people have no clue about the answers to these questions? Perhaps you, too, have felt lost on the path.

Your purpose is not the same as your career or work. The etymology of the word helps us to understand the concept better. “Pur” is similar to “per” and “pro” and means toward or in favor of. “Pose,” as we might guess, means to take a stand or to aim. The meaning of purpose, therefore, is to aim toward or take a stance for. 

It’s not what we do but a way of being. A position that we take, and how we are oriented.  What do you stand for? What are you aiming at?

These issues are important in the quest for happiness and positivity because being aligned with our purpose gives meaning to our lives. It gives us the “why” behind everything else that we do.

There are specific ways that we can quickly and easily get clues to our soul’s purpose. It is necessary to explore your past lives to reveal how your soul’s purpose has been expressed in other lifetimes. Recalling several lifetimes will allow you to draw the thread of similarity to see the continuity of your soul’s progress. 

Visiting the time between lives helps to understand what purpose was in mind when you chose this particular incarnation. What was your intention for choosing this family, this era, this region of the world? Did you choose, or did you come into this body by default? How conscious were you of this decision, and what did you hope to accomplish? 

Developing a personal value system will create a hierarchy of desire, passion, and will. It will help to point the way to the subjects, people, possessions, and activities that will be necessary to follow through with your purpose and provide a more detailed pathway for expressing your highest purpose in this lifetime.

Once it becomes clear what your purpose is, there are techniques that help to remove any blocks to achieve it! This is the work that I’ve developed and the service I provide for my clients.

Ending Thoughts

Melissa waited until she couldn’t bear her distress any longer. It’s a common theme that clients will continue to carry their burdens until “the last straw.” It was good that she finally found her way to my office because it was not that hard to turn her life around completely. She could shed her burdens and begin to live life with happiness, positivity, and purpose. Rather than being lost, she knew where she was going and was excited about it.

There is no reason to continue to live in confusion or without a clear purpose. Live passionately and deliberately today!

If you are distressed and seeking your purpose, schedule your free 30-minute Discovery Call today to see if working together would benefit you.

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