Have you researched your past life memories to gain additional details or confirmation? Consider birth and death records, ship manifests, marriage or immigration records, ancestry sites, etc.

I just received this wonderful note from a young lady who downloaded the free MP3 of a past life regression that is my gift to you when you register to receive my newsletter. It was easy for her to remember past life experiences. This note contains such a great story, and I obtained permission to share it with you.


My name is Beth. My grandfather died on March 7th, and since then, I have been more interested in Past Life Regression and spirituality. I have had a strong interest my whole life, which is heightened now.

I found your site after a Google search.

After submitting my email, I got the 30-minute audio link, and I decided on a whim to go ahead and try it. I didn’t expect much, having never done anything like this. Throughout the recording, images in my imagination came quickly to me, not strong, but hazy like a dream. The ideas of rural, farm, Oklahoma, 1890, mother dying young, no siblings, not much family, and leading a long life that ended in California the same year I was born in this life (1986). The message I got at the end was to hold your family dear and love them exceptionally.

I was intrigued by this experience, so I stayed up late to look at ancestry.com. I entered the few years and places my mind had come up with: 1890, Oklahoma, marriage around 1930, and death in Los Angeles circa 1986.

I found this person quickly: Bessie Hall. Born in 1889 in Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma. Married 1927

Looking at records, her mother died young, in 1920, at the age of 48.

Bessie Died Feb 1986 in Los Angeles, CA

The most freaky part is the picture I have attached. I got the black and white image from Bessie’s Ancestry profile from 1933 at age 44. And the color picture is of me at Christmas this past year – I am 27.

Image of past life regression
An image comparison of Bessie Hall and Beth Endresen

I. am. Stunned.

I am looking forward to researching more.

Thank you,

Beth (Chapple) Endresen

Ending Thoughts

Beth’s experience is extraordinary, but it is not the first like this to be shared with me. Many of your memories can be substantiated by remembering your past lives and following up with research. There are so many tools available on the Internet to assist you in verifying or honing your memories.

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