We’ve all experienced internal conflict. It’s that argument with yourself that alternates between wanting to do something and knowing you better not do it. Or, you think you believe one thing and then later express yourself in a way that shows you don’t really believe that at all.

In this post, you will learn how internal conflict and contradictions can block your happiness and soul’s growth.

Contradictions and Inner Conflict 

I have the good fortune of attracting and working with my “soulmate” clients. These are men and women who are on a path of self-improvement and are seeking fulfillment in the pursuit of their highest purpose. 

This spiritual path takes work. It requires a person to take an objective look at themselves, and face the challenge of correcting what is not serving them.

One of the basic steps in this process is addressing our contradictions. We all have them.  And they are counterproductive to our well-being and happiness.

Take my client, Rae. She is going through treatment for cancer. The first major dilemma she brought to me was whether or not to undergo chemo and radiation after her surgery. We worked on that using specific hypnotherapy techniques that allowed her to communicate with her higher self until she confidently made her decision to move forward with further treatment with its blessings. 

Then there was the fear of all the side effects that are typical with chemo and radiation. We did another session of beautiful work together that calmed her anxiety, talking with the body to get it fully on board with the procedures. Instead of feeding it fear, she empowered her body to remain healthy and to process the chemicals with the least damage. She sailed through her treatments with little reaction or problem.

And then another problem arose. She said that as positive as she was, she was constantly hearing the nagging voice that was pointing out all the things that could go wrong. It was as though she was continually waiting for the other shoe to drop. It was exhausting and counterproductive. She knew that irrational voice had to go. I’ll tell you how we did it in a minute.

So, now, what about you?

Are you aware of any of your contradictions and internal conflict? They can be pretty well-hidden or glaringly obvious. Here is how the inner conflict might sound in your head.

  • I want to be successful vs it’s safer to stay small
  • I want to follow my passions vs that path won’t make me any money
  • My energy is sucked dry around that person vs I have to be nice 
  • I have to give all my time and attention to others vs I desperately want to pursue my own dreams
  • I want to emerge as my sparkling spiritual self vs people will think I’m weird or part of a cult
  • I want to quit smoking (or any other addiction) vs all the excuses I have for continuing
  • I want to learn a new skill vs I’m too old or not smart enough

The list goes on and on.

In helping Rae, we drew out the negative voice and invited it to express itself fully. We wanted to hear everything it had to say, what was its purpose, and how it felt. It was quite fascinating.

While often this voice thinks it’s keeping the person safe and vigilant, in Rae’s case, it confessed to wanting to punish her. It wanted her to feel bad and be put in her place. Rae is a person who has always been successful, active, strong, capable, and in charge. At some level, she had developed the idea that she was more of all those things than other people. That she could do it better and needed to be in control. This internal voice called her arrogant.

Hypnotherapy for Resolving Negative Self Talk

Through a simple hypnotherapy process, we were able to resolve this contradiction in less than an hour. Awareness of the behavior or perspective is a significant step forward. And on top of that, she was able to see how that had played out, even though she hadn’t seen it that way before. In realizing the foolishness of such attitudes, she determined that it was far better to simply be the best version of her, and not compare or compete with (or control) others. 

As soon as she made that decision, the voice agreed to no longer punish her. It would be silent as long as she complied with her end of the deal.

Any time we are faced with a decision or inner conflict, we are touching upon a contradiction. Whenever you say, “And on the other hand…” you are bumping up against this dilemma.

We can see indecision as a minor problem, yet if it is rooted in a deeper philosophical contradiction, it can be more destructive to your soul’s evolution. And, like Rae, such contradictions can be at the root of deadly diseases.

They create blocks, can lead you off your soul’s path, and even weaken your auric field, leaving you fertile ground to develop illness, disease, and even spirit attachments and possession.

Face your contradictions head-on. Your health…and soul…depend on it!

Ending thoughts

It’s been over a year ago that I worked with Rae. We stay in touch and she tells me that she is cancer-free and feeling good. What a journey that was!

Did you identify with any of the descriptions of internal conflict on the list above?  Have you found yourself caught in a contradiction? It happens to all of us at times throughout our lives.  When you identify a contradiction, meditate on it, or find a qualified person to help you resolve it.  The sooner the better so you can get on with life in a congruent and healthy way.

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