Some people find it astonishing that there could be a connection between a woman manifesting breast cancer and her resistance to living her life aligned with her soul’s purpose. However, the body-mind-spirit connection is more than just a slogan. There are countless cases where this connection has been very clear.

Maggie was smart because she understood that there was something more to her breast cancer than some random quirk of nature. After all, we’ve all learned about cause and effect. When she received her diagnosis, she was determined to find what had caused it so that she could do whatever was necessary to stop this disease.

She suspected there could be a past life involved and booked a session with me in hopes of discovering the deeper causation for her breast cancer through past life regression. She was quite fascinated by what she learned during our time together.

Years ago, Suzanne Segerstrom and Richard Miller completed a 30-year study documenting the direct correlation between the nature of the stress a person experiences and the type of disease or ailment they will develop as they age. It is well-known that hypnotherapy is a powerful means to explore that connection and to complement any medical treatments for a more rapid and sustainable result. And, often these sessions have a natural connection to past lives.

After a short intake discussion to set our intentions and goals for the session, we began.

As with any client, I simply followed the cues of her subconscious mind to direct where we needed to go in order to find our answers to her questions about the root cause of her breast cancer. Maggie’s led us through a very fascinating and informative journey.

A Legacy of Healing

As we began, Maggie’s subconscious mind presented her with a book. When we explored the book, it became clear that it contained legacies from her ancestors as well as from her own soul journey through lifetimes. As she was handling the book and absorbing the wisdom, she could sense many spirits performing healing work on her. The foremost of them, a Native American female shaman, told her that her health condition was due to not expressing her full nature. That she was hiding and making herself small compared to her true nature and capability.

While the spirits continued to work on her, I regressed her to a lifetime where she was a physician. She had no formal training but had apprenticed under her father. This healing career was a legacy and one that came naturally to her. She was excellent at what she did but, as the only healer in the community, was overwhelmed with the weight of holding life and death in the balance for so many people.

She wanted to give up, pleading with the gods, “Why me? Why do I have to carry this burden? I just want to go hide and get some rest.”

Yet, as we turned to guidance from her Native American healer, she was encouraged to look at the situation from a different angle. Why not train an apprentice in the way that she had been trained?

The lightbulb went on, and Maggie’s past life character sought out and trained an apprentice. Then, her life turned to joy and fulfillment, instead of despair and frustration. Maggie realized that in this life too, she needed to reach out and collaborate with others in order to move forward more easily.

Service vs Submission

Wanting more to go on concerning her breast cancer, we proceeded to another lifetime in Ancient Egypt. 

In that lifetime, she was a healer and mentor to a woman of royalty. Her life was peaceful and fulfilling. Her energy was expansive and powerful; her confidence was solid. In a conversation set up between my client and her past life counterpart, she was questioned why she was making it so hard on herself this lifetime. 

“Why neglect yourself in service to others? Why make yourself small and powerless when you were created to do your work from a position of high energy and confidence?”

Maggie had thought that submission was a part of service to others. She had been taught this by her mother from childhood, and now realized that such training was convoluted and misguided. She immediately became aware that self-empowerment led to a greater ability to heal and serve. Blossoming and standing strong would be more effective than being frail and depleted.

This past life persona agreed to integrate into my client, and remain there anytime she was needed, in order to retrain her into the perspectives and countenance of her most powerful and effective nature.

Breast Cancer as an Unconscious Death-Wish

In tying these past life experiences to her present diagnosis of breast cancer, Maggie realized that the root of this disease, for her, was that she was living from the perspective of self-sacrifice. She had a legacy handed down from her mother that connected to her despair in the lifetime as the physician. She, too, had a desire to escape, and in this lifetime, even an unconscious death wish.

The second past life showed her the resolution to her present condition. Self-love, empowerment, being all that she can be, creating community, living life in ease and on purpose.

Expansion and Empowerment of Consciousness

Treating the symptoms of a disease or condition is not enough. While undergoing surgery or chemo for her breast cancer may be in order, there was more that needed to be addressed and corrected at a deeper level.

Furthermore,  living from the perspective of one facet of our soul will not create deep satisfaction, nor does it allow us to live in the fullest glory and brilliance of our true nature.

The expansion of our consciousness and the foundation of our spiritual growth is in the discovery of the full spectrum of our soul. To flourish in our grander nature, we must explore our past lives, resolve traumas there as well as here, and regain the perspectives, wisdom, knowledge, and skills earned, though not yet retained. It is the brass ring of the hero’s journey.

Through the application of hypnotherapy and past life regression, thousands of people have been able to overcome unexplained pain and symptoms, resolve deadly habits like smoking, drinking, and obesity, and create a life filled with healthy relationships.

We will see how Maggie does in her journey of healing from her breast cancer. A condition this severe does not correct itself overnight, nor are the lifestyle changes easily managed. Yet, with her newly acquired self-knowledge, inspiration, and sense of purpose, she will now have a clear path to walk towards a healthier life.

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