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Intuition - Mistakes Can Hone Your Skills

Everyone has psychic ability, it is true. Yet, for most people it is hidden, ignored, untested, or untrusted. And so it is common to hear people say that they are frustrated with failed attempts at tapping into their intuition.

No matter what level of psychic awareness we enjoy, we certainly could all improve our success rate on intuitive hits.

An interesting point about intuition is that we can monitor our talent (and improve) our abilities by our failures as well as our successes. We can also use mundane experiences to improve this spiritual practice.

I’m going to tell you a story about an incident I experienced that reminded me to pay attention to my intuition and illustrates a way that we can all improve our psychic abilities.  It is an example of an everyday situation leading to a lesson in building intuition.

There are three glass-top end tables that are variously placed in my living room and my family room. Over Thanksgiving there was one table in the family room that needed to be moved closer to my chair so I could place my laptop near me. As I brought my laptop into the room, there was an insistent voice in my head that said to go get a second table from the living room rather than moving the one already in the family room. It was a strong thought. However, not wanting to expend the extra energy (also known as laziness), I ignored the voice and proceeded to reposition the table already in the room.

That very evening, my husband walked through the house and into the living room in the dark, to settle on the sofa for a late night read. In the process he knocked over the table, breaking its glass top.

Of course I immediately had the “fortune” to examine the feelings and sensations that I had ignored earlier in the day. By carefully examining the subtleties of my earlier internal experience, I could clearly determine that it was an “intuitive hit” rather than a reaction to a logical thought about a choice of action.

It is important to note that had I moved the table, as directed by the message, the outcome would have been different. The table would not have been disturbed, or broken. I would not have given the incident another thought, and I would not have had the opportunity to examine and hone my sensitivities to my psychic awareness. In other words, had I followed my intuition, I would not have been aware that I had.

So this incident clearly pointed to the wisdom that teaches us that we can sometimes learn quicker from mistakes, and that failure holds an opportunity for self-improvement.

Yet, this opportunity is really only beneficial when you make the connection between the incident and the forethought.  And then, by contemplating the nature of the signal that you received as intuitive or psychic information, you will more readily recognize that feeling or sensation in the future. Once you have clarity about how you receive that type of  intuitive information, you can continue to build and expand that sensitivity.

In what way can you learn more about your intution from the mundane activities of life? How do you sense psychic messages? Do you hear voices or words? Do you have distinct thoughts or pictures? Do you have specific sensations like fluttering stomach, chills, muscle twitch, or pain? How can you more clearly make a connection between a signal and a message?