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Einstein knew what he was saying when he told us that “imagination is more important than knowledge.” It is, in fact, the fundamental building block of creativity, perception and, in the end, reality.

Imagination is what makes our mouths water when we think of biting into a lemon. It gives us dread when we think of a distasteful chore. It is our imagination that inspires us to achieve our goals. In fact it is the catalyst in creating our dreams.

Imagination is the key to achievement. Knowledge has us following the tracks of our predecessors to a conclusion, an end, while imagination allows us to open doors to new possibilities.

Within the concepts and techniques of Awareness Engineering is the fundamental acknowledgement that imagination underlies all awareness and experience. Exercising your imagination will be vital to the quality of your existence.

Twentieth century psychologists speak of the “inner game.” It is an exercise whereby one rehearses an action in their mind, over and over to perfection, before even attempting it physically.

A well-known example is of a study using a basketball team whose players were divided into two groups. One was to physically practice shooting baskets while the other group practiced solely in their minds. When it came to actual play, the group who had rehearsed mentally proved to be the more accurate shooters. They had repeatedly imagined the perfect shot….and were able to make it!