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stardust and magic in your hands

We often think of magic as sorcery that defies nature. Yet, nothing occurs outside the laws of physics. So, all events are natural, even those we have yet been able to explain. Magic is simply the art of manifestation with intention.

So, if we want to manifest, and if magic happens, how can we tap into that energy and make the magic work in our favor?

Rule #1 Choose a clear goal

Remember that the goal is different from the means. The goal may be to evolve your spiritual awareness, while the means may be to study with a teacher and integrate your lessons beyond just intellectual knowledge. Stay focused on the goal, while engaging in the means.

Keep in mind that the means may change or include much more than you expect. Nature has a way of aligning with your clear intentions, and creating additional ways to provide you with soul-evolving experiences, so pay attention closely! Be open to the many, possibly mysterious, opportunities that appear in your life to support the manifestation of your goals.

Rule #2 Make the goal positive for all concerned

Avoid choosing a goal that would harm another person or even yourself. There is plenty of everything in this universe, so manifesting your dreams and goals does not have to be at the expense of anyone else. Worrying about your karma (even at a subconscious level) goes against Rule #3 below.

You may want more clients or customers, more health or happiness. These can be achieved by tapping into the abundance of the universe that supports all of us.

Examples of negative goals include wanting a specific person to love you (changing the will of another person is considered “black magic”), squashing the competition (tsk, tsk…harm no one!), being skinny by any means (the universe may consider a grave disease to be an option for this wish fulfillment).

Better ways to frame these goals would be that you attract the perfect relationship for you and your partner, that your business is wildly successful, or that you can enjoy supreme health and fitness.

Rule #3 Be 100% aligned with that goal

Being completely aligned with a goal is tantamount to achieving it. With every self-doubt, disbelief, or distraction, there is an equal amount of energy being withdrawn from your goal.

Your manifestation energy is a sum. All the positive energy applied toward your goal minus all the negative or counter productive energy. If you have 20% doubt about your goal, then only 80% of your positive energy is applying to making your dream come true.

There are great techniques in hypnotherapy and gestalt coaching to help you get to the roots and dispel any issues that are distracting you from your best magical manifestation.

Rule #4 Mix in some passion

Emotions are energy, and when you apply your passions to your goals, you are focusing greater energy on your magic manifestation. A wizard always has a wand. The wand is a symbol of the focused energy that is being applied to the goal.

Think of the focused energy you experience when you are falling in love. All else fades away and there is only your lover before you. It is hard to distract you, and there is very little that keeps you away from being with this special person. Your world revolves around every little detail of the experience.

That’s the energy and attitude that will get you to your dreams. Now apply that passion to your life goals and see what magic happens!

Rule #5 Stay relaxed and confident

Allow the manifestation to happen in any and all ways. No need to engage in worry, fretting, stress, or nervousness. No need to control the outcome or micromanage nature as it works to create the environment and circumstances that support your fully intended goal.

Remember that nature and your higher self always work toward your greatest spiritual benefit. Most of the time we just have to get out of the way of allowing it to come to pass. In fact, it is when we intervene that the lessons seem to get harder and harder.

Relax, be in the flow, and take the graceful and appropriate actions that support the manifestation of your highest and best magic!