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While you may be able to spontaneously recall your past lives, or relive them in dreams or during meditation, most people will turn to a regressionist to assist in the process. In choosing a regressionist, it is best to find someone who makes you feel comfortable, with whom you can establish rapport, and who keeps the session client-centered. There are many people who provide past life regression services but may not be the best person for you.

Here are three things you will want to be sure to avoid when you are working with a regressionist:

  1. Someone who lacks the credentials to guide you safely through the process. Just because they are a hypnotherapist, for instance, doesn’t mean that they have experience with past life regression or even believe in it! I am personally surprised how many hypnotherapists who do just this. So be sure that your regressionist not only has adequate training, but also believes in past lives and has experienced several of their own. Only then will they understand fully what you are experiencing when they are working with you.
  2. Someone who manipulates the course of the memories. The subconscious mind is incredibly intelligent and capable of guiding you to the exact memory that will be best for you.I have heard tales of regressionists who have changed the course of a past life regression because the person claimed to see themselves wearing tennis shoes. The regressionist said that wasn’t possible so they had to start over. I have encountered another regressionist who believes that you can only have one life during any 100 year period. I heard of a regression that was halted in the late 1990’s because the woman remembered being in World War II. It was the regressionist’s beliefs that were incorrect, not the past life memory.
  3. Someone who uses leading language. There is an important different between guiding and leading. Leading questions and statements have been shown to create false memory, or at the very least can create a breach in the rapport between client and regressionist.  Here is a list of questions or statements that guide, and a list of those that lead:


  • “Move ahead to the next notable experience.”
  • “Do you recognize that person?”
  • “Can you describe your location?”
  • “How do you feel about that?”


  • “Move ahead in time to when you have an accident.”
  • “Is that person your father?”
  • “Imagine standing on a beach with a cliff behind you.”
  • “Did that experience make you angry?”

The regressionist’s main function is to keep you moving through the experience, to be supportive in the case of an abreaction (an emotionally-charged event), and to help you process the information so that it is integrated in a positive manner and be useful to you in this life.

While there are many excellent past life regressionists available to assist you during your journey through your memories, you want to be proactive in choosing the right one for you.